Theme T-shirt Quilts for Sale

The quilts on this page are for sale and ready to ship! If you are interested in purchasing one of these quilts, call Andrea @ 269-749-9249 or email.
If you are looking to have a quilt made from your own T-shirts, click here. 

MSU T-shirt Quilt    

Size 68 x 80 Cost: $550

MSU T-shirt Quilt

Guy Harvey T-shirt Quilt    

Full Size 84 x 92 Cost: $600

Guy Harvey T-shirt Quilt

Coca-Cola T-shirt Quilt     

Size 60 x 72 Cost: $650

Coca Cola T-shirt Quilt

Rolling Stone T-shirt Quilt    

Full size 64 x 76 Cost: $500

Rolling Stone T-shirt Quilt

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