T-shirt Quilt Referral Program 

Too Cool T-shirt Quilts has a referral program that allows you to earn $35 towards the cost of a future T-shirt quilt for each customer whom you refer to us. You can refer as many customers to us as you can. You can even earn enough through referrals to bring the cost of your next T-shirt quilt down to zero!

How It Works


You encourage everyone you know to have a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt made. When the person you refer sends in their T-shirts to us, they must enter your name on their order form. When we receive their T-shirts and paperwork, we enter their name on your contact file. We will then send you an e-mail informing you that we have received a referral from you. 

Each referral is worth $35 off the cost of your next Too Cool T-shirt Quilt. The referral credits do not expire and can be combined so you can earn enough that your next T-shirt quilt is discounted to zero. 

You don’t have to already have a T-shirt quilt made by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts – you can collect referrals and have the price of your first T-shirt quilt discounted. 

What You Need To Do

  • Too Cool T-shirt Quilt newsletterMake sure you are signed up to receive our newletter. If you already receive our monthly newsletter you are set. This is how we will track how many referrals you accrue. Click here to sign up.
  • Start or continue telling everyone you know or meet to have a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt made.
  • Tell your referral to put your name on their order form on the line labeled Who Referred You.
  • Save our return confirmation e-mails so you can track how many people you have referred. You are always welcome to call to ask how many referrals you have accumulated.

Do You Need Marketing Materials?

We are more than happy to help you in your marketing process.

  • Too Cool postcardsClick here to have us send you more postcards.
  • Here is a link to the Too Cool T-shirt Quilt web site: www.toocooltshirtquilts.com. You may copy and paste the link on your Facebook page, on a website or in a blog. Links are good!
  • If you have an event at which you would like to show off your Too Cool T-shirt Quilt and obtain referrals, we are happy to help guide you in that process. 

The Fine Print

A referral:

  • Is only valid when your referral actually has us make their T-shirt Quilt.
  • Has no cash value
  • Is non-transferable
  • Does not expire
  • Discount can be combined
  • Is only applied once per new customer no matter how many quilts that person is having made
We are excited to team up with you to spread the word about how cool a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt is.  Please e-mail us know if you have any questions.