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Step-by-Step Instructions

How to Order a Quilt

We've laid out the ordering process for you to keep it as simple as possible. 

We use a physical order form so we can be 100% sure your T-shirts and your information are always together.

Math Themed T-shirt Quilt by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts
Step 1

Gather Your T-shirts

Determine how many T-shirts you will need for the size quilt you would like. The chart is a starting place. 

A puzzle style T-shirt quilt is unique in that we can't tell you exactly how many T-shirts you will need. If you are concerned about size, please click on the how many T-shirts page button below. 

How many T-shirt for a Too Cool T-shirt Quilts
Step 2

Mark Your T-shirts

We have very specific directions on how to mark the graphics you DO NOT want us to use.

Please view our video or read our written instructions on how to mark what part(s) of your T-shirts you would not like used.

We have cut 100,000’s of T-shirts.  Your T-shirts are in experienced hands.

Step 3

Box Up Your T-shirts

In your box include your T-shirts, completed order form, and if you are paying by check, a deposit for half your anticipated cost. If you are planning on paying with a credit card, you do not need a deposit.

When you are boxing up your T-shirts, please don't over-fill or under-fill your box.

T-shirts are not fragile! They DO NOT need packing peanuts!!!

taping box full of T-shirts for a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt
Step 4

Ship Your Box to Too Cool

You can ship your box via UPS, US Mail, FedEx or any other carrier you like to work with.

If you live near your quilt maker, you are welcome make arrangements to drop off your T-shirts in person.

UPS at Too Cool T-shirt Quilt
Step 5

Your T-shirts Arrive at Too Cool

First, we e-mail you within 48 hours of receiving your box of T-shirts.

If you don't hear from us, please first check your junk mail for our email. 

If you don't see anything, you are always more than welcome to call us!


So, what happens once your T-shirts arrive at Too Cool T-shirt Quilts? Check out our process here.
Boxes Arrive at Too Cool T-shirt Quilt
The Best and last step!

Your Quilt is Finished

After your quilt is completed, we will send you a ransom photo of your quilt. Upon receipt of the full payment, we will ship your quilt to you.

Photo room at Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to include a check?

What's the best packing material for T-shirts?

Request Your Order Form

Are you ready to have a quilt made?

We are delighted to send you the correct order form based on where you live and what type of quilt you would like made. 

Please complete the information here.

*Requesting an order form does not obligate you to purchase a quilt. 


Order form in the box for a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt


Request an Order Form

What our customers are saying

The oldest T-shirt in this quilt is from 1968!

I retired in 2021. Family, careers, sporting events, natural disasters, vacations and educational….all represented.

My neighbor makes quilts and she agrees that the quality of this quilt is unbeatable.

Guy sitting on T-shirt quilt on a bed by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

I had this made for my daughter for graduation. She took it to college and uses it on her bed.

She calls it her forever quilt ❤️.

My son his a sophomore in high school and will have his made by Too Cool T-shirt quilts next year.

Amazing quality and memories made in one package that will last my kiddos for life!!!!

graduation quilt with girl by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

An awesome way of commemorating 30 years of K9 Search and Rescue!

K9 Dog Search and Rescue T-shirt Quilt by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

Have a collection of your favorite sports teams T-shirts? I sure did!

Too Cool T-shirt Quilts to the rescue!

They turned my collection into two beautiful high quality queen size quilts. And the back is beautifully quilted too.

sports team quilt