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Texas T-shirt quilt is shape of Texas flagToo Cool T-shirt Quilts - Austin is located in Round Rock, Texas and owned by Michelle Bailey.

Michelle found the Too Cool method of T-shirt Quilts about 8 years ago when her oldest daughter was a Freshman in High School.  Knowing that she wanted to make a t-shirt quilt for her daughter’s HS graduation and knowing she needed time to practice before creating the lasting memory of “prized” T-shirts, she began learning all different types of quilting. 

When searching for a way to make the T-shirt quilt, she knew she didn’t want the extra step of stabilizing the t-shirts and making them “stiffer”, she also wanted to be able to do more than 9 or 12 same sized blocks.  She knew her daughter’s T-shirts ranged in size and quantity. 

A google search brought her to the Too Cool T-shirt Quilt website.  She bought the book and templates and has been hooked ever since!  In 2014, she quit her corporate job to do what she loves (T-shirt Quilts, of course!).  She formed her own company Sharpy Creations, LLC, and signed up as a franchise of Too Cool T-shirt Quilts!  She now has 3 employees working with her in creating these beautiful quilts and looks to be growing again soon.

Besides the original Too Cool T-shirt Quilt, the Austin branch offers

  • Embroidery Services
  • Double-sided T-shirt Quilts (T-shirts on both sides)
  • Minky Backing Options
  • Quilt Only single sided and double sided (for those that put the top together themselves, we quilt it for them). 

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Too Cool T-shirt Quilts - Austin
3010 Williams Drive, Suite 156
Georgetown, TX 78628

(512) 496-8613 - Michelle

Texas Themed T-shirt Quilt


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