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Quilts Designed for You

Do you have too many T-shirts? Have you been saving those baby clothes for years? A loved ones clothing?

We have the quilt for you.

Kids holding up a Too Coo T-shirt Quilt
What is it about a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt?

Creativity, Choices, and Styles Galore!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can sweatshirts be used?

How long will it take to make my quilt?

What parts of the T-shirts can I use?

Can photographs be used in a T-shirt Quilt?

Oops-My T-shirts have already been cut... Can you use those in my quilt?

Can a T-shirt be removed after it is in the quilt?

Can the backing material be changed after the quilt is finished?

What our customers are saying

We had our first quilt made by Too Cool T-shirts Quilts after my brother, who is a four time Olympian had four quilts made, highly recommended them.

My son picked out his favorite T- shirts and jerseys along with other smaller sentimental logos They put it together so creatively.  

The quality and attention to detail set this company apart from other T-shirt quilt companies!  We have three more on the way!

Lacrosse and other Ohio T-shirt Too Cool T-shirt quilt

This is the third quilt that we’ve had done by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts!

We keep returning because of the quality of construction, the excellent quilting, and the artistic assembly of the T-shirts.

I wanted this quilt with specific dimensions for a queen bedspread that would cover the pillows. My needs were understood and the quilt came out perfect.

It has held up well through several washings and with the dogs trying to make beds in it.

3 girls sleeping under a T-shirt quilt by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

Love your quilts so much!  They are made incredibly well and look so beautiful. 

My kids each got one for their high school graduation and college! What an awesome gift it was and so nice to wrap yourself up in memories!

So easy to order and made quickly.  We are already saving T-shirts for my daughters college graduation.

Girl with graduation quilt standing in front of fire place
Why should you trust us?

We Have Been Making
T-shirt Quilts Since 1992

Making T-shirt quilts for that long has taught us a few things about T-shirts and the special place they hold in our customers hearts.

We have always, and will always treat each T-shirt as if it were our own.

Boy & Dog on a Too Cool T-shirt quilt