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The first step to an awesome quilt

How to Mark Your T-shirts

You want an amazing quilt and we want to make that quilt for you.

Your amazing quilt begins with clear and concise directions. Our directions are easy for you to use and easy for us to follow. 

Please take the time to read our marking instructions.

Girl standing in front of quilt with fancy border
Tell Us what you don't want used

Marking Your T-shirts Using Our Directions is Important

Marking your T-shirts is very important and a key step in our communications. These directions are specific to Too Cool T-shirt Quilts and help us to understand exactly what graphics you don't want in your quilt.

Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you. If you have questions about our directions, reach out to us.

Please follow the listed instructions and do not make up your own.

Well designed quilt by Too Cool T-shirt Quilt
Marking Instructions

How to Tell Us What You DO NOT
Want Used From Your T-shirts

Our directions are based on the premise that you want to use all of the graphics on your T-shirts. With that in mind, we focus on having you tell us what not to use. 

If you want all the designs used from a particular T-shirt, you don’t need to do anything to that T-shirt.

A Note About Painter's Tape

Please only use blue painter’s tape. Other types of tape are stickier and may leave a residue on your T-shirts.

Please only put tape on the parts of the T-shirts you DO NOT want used. If the tape does leave a residue, it will be on the graphics you don’t want used – no big deal.

The first photo here is of blue painter’s tape. This is the correct tape to use on your T-shirts. The tapes in the below photo are not. Please don’t use these tapes on your T-shirts. 

Not painters tape


painters tape

What Not To Do


Please do not staple or pin directions onto the T-shirts. Especially in the area we will be using. It puts holes in your T-shirts.


Please do not box in all the designs you want with painters tape! If you have already done this, please go back and remove this tape. Having to remove tape is very time consuming. We charge $1 for each shirt with the entire design boxed in with tape that is unnecessary. 


Do not cut your T-shirts. That’s our job.  If you have already cut your own T-shirts, don’t worry. We can still work with your T-shirts.


Do not send your T-shirts in scented trash bags. We're a scent free environment, our employees thank you! 

Giant painter's tape ball
What else?

Other Things to Think About When You Are Preparing Your T-shirts for a Quilt

Too Many T-shirts?

If you feel you may have too many T-shirts for the size quilt you want, break your T-shirts up into two or more groupings. Be sure to label what group you want us to start with.

We will start with the main grouping of T-shirts. After those are cut, we will calculate the quilt size.

If we need more T-shirts to make the quilt larger, we will begin cutting the second group. We will cut from the top of the stack down until we get to the size you want.

Too Many T-shirts, need a quilt

Too Few T-shirts?

If you feel you don't have enough T-shirts to make a quilt the size you would like, write on the top of your order form to “Cut Big”. This means we leave additional margins around the graphics. If you end up with too much, we can always cut the blocks smaller.

Here’s a chart of the approximate number of T-shirts you will need for each size quilt. We count one shirt as one shirt regardless of the number of graphics on each T-shirt.

How many T-shirts for a quilt

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter which directions I use to communicate with you?

How many special request items can I include?

What our customers are saying

This is one of the three quilts you have made for us.  This was for my son who owns the family farm (Avamar Farms—consisting of poultry and beef cattle) and his dog Jake! Good Boy Jake!


farm T-shirt quilt and a dog

I saw a picture on Facebook a friend had posted of the quilt you did for her and knew that was the type of T-shirt quilt I wanted  

This quilt totally represents my daughter and I wouldn’t change anything about it!

T-shirt quilt on bed folded down