Already Cut T-shirts

Oops - My T-shirts have already been cut...

You have always wanted to have a T-shirt quilt made... and at some point you or someone you know started the project. But now you know that it will never get done unless someone else finishes it. Can Too Cool T-shirt Quilts® finish it? YES WE CAN.

You are not the first nor the last person to have this problem. And it is not a very big problem. We make many T-shirt quilts from T-shirts that have been cut in so many different ways. But some do require additional work to fit to our block sizes that is not considered in the pricing of a quilt. Therefore, you can have five block repairs in a quilt at no charge. For each additional block repair there will be a $3.00* charge. (*Prices effective until 7/1/2022)

The quilt to the right was made from all sorts of different size T-shirt pieces. Less than half the pieces were able to be cut into the block sizes we use. So we mounted the odd shape and small pieces onto T-shirt material. You cannot tell without looking very closely that the pieces were reset for our block sizes.

Below is the same quilt with the blocks boxed that we had to make larger. You can see that these pieces were mounted onto another piece of T-shirt material to make the block the correct size.   

After This is a T-shirt quilt that was made from an poorly made traditional style quilt.

Blocks that were fixed.

These are the blocks that were repaired


This is what a traditional style T-shirt looked like before it was transformed into a Too Cool T-shirt quilt.


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