How To Order A T-shirt Quilt


1. Choose Your T-shirts

By visiting our pricing page you can determine how many T-shirts you will need for the size quilt you would like.


2. Mark Your T-shirts with Any Instructions

Please either view our video or read our written instructions on how to mark what part(s) of your T-shirts you would not like used.


3. Print Out Your Order Form

When you get to the order form page, click on the state you live in to be directed to the quilter assigned to your state. Then print out and fill in the order form. If you have special instructions please write them on the order form or include them with the order form on a separate sheet of paper.

Order Form

T-shirts for a T-shirt quilt

4. Box Up Your T-shirts

In your box include your T-shirts; completed order form and if you are paying by check half your money down. If you are planning on paying with a credit card, you need not send a check. Here is a fun article about packing T-shirts.


5. Ship Out Your Box to Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

You can ship your box via UPS, US Mail, FedEx or any other carrier you like to work with.


6. Your T-shirts Arrive At Too Cool T-shirt Quilts®

We will cut your T-shirts according to your instructions. Next, we calculate the size of your quilt. Then we send you an e-mail telling you that your T-shirts have arrived and what the size and cost of your quilt will be. We will e-mail you within 48 hours of receiving your box of T-shirts. If we need to change the size of your quilt, we will work on that with you. Once you give us the OK, we will make your quilt.

Click here to read more about our process.

7. Your Quilt is Finished

After your quilt is completed, we will send you a ransom photo of your quilt and upon receipt of the full payment, we will ship your quilt to you.

Order Form

A young woman sees her T-shirt quilt for the first time. Hint - she loves it!


To learn more about having a T-shirt quilt made from your T-shirts, consider downloading our T-shirt Quilt Buying Guide.
It's a great resource to have on hand!

T-shirt Quilt Buying Guide


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