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Special Requests & Services

Most of the quilts we make are made with T-shirts, sweatshirts. But there are some items and circumstances that require additional work. This additional work is not included in the quilt price. 

Below are charges for special items and other services. 

All prices effective until  7/1/24

A baby shoe used in a Too Cool T-shirt quilt

A la carte Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you add a baseball cap to your T-shirt quilt?

My T-shirts have already been cut. Can you still work with them?

What is editing a T-shirt for a quilt?

What is piping in a quilt?

Can you use patches in a T-shirt quilt?

Can I put a flag on the back of my quilt?

What our customers are saying

I absolutely love these quilts and I am so grateful for your artistry and skill.  What a beautiful way to capture so many wonderful memories for my (mostly) grown up oldest kids.  

My youngest kid already has a pile of T-shirts accumulating so she can get a quilt someday too!

Border on a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

I had quilts made as high school graduation gifts to my daughters. They took them to college and they looked great on their dorm beds.

That was awhile ago. Since then, I had a wall hanging made for myself.

I love the unique style and having our memories captured in such a beautiful way.

Colorful quilt with 2 border by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

I have been collecting T-shirts since I was in high school with the expectation that one day I would make a T-shirt quilt. 

25 years later, in walked the most wonderful company in the world -- Too Cool T-shirt Quilts.  With less than an hour of work to prepare and package the shirts, my dream was finally coming to fruition. 

I LOVE my quilt and all of the memories it provides me.


This is my life quilt by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

Could not have picked a better company to work with.  Too Cool not only provided  exception service and feedback, they made two SmokinHot Quilts from my collection of barbecue cook team T-shirts. 

You are always on the winning team when you pick Too Cool T-shirts Quilts!

BBQ themed T-shirt Quilt by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts