How to Hang a Quilt


When hanging a quilt for a short period of time, say for a party or to photograph it, you want a quick method that does not harm the quilt or the structure on which it is hung. Below are some photos of some possible ways to hang your quilt. As we get more examples we will post them here.

Commercial Quilt Hanger

There are any number of commercial quilt hanging systems. Just Google “how to hang a quilt” or “quilt hangers” and you will get more systems than you might realize.

We use this IKEA system (photos to the left) for hanging our quilts here in the shop. The quilt just clips on to the hangers that hang on the wire that is strung from anchor point to anchor point. With this system we can change our quilts as frequently as we would like. This system does not require a special sleeve or loops to be sewn onto your quilt. And as a bonus, the quilt can be moved along the wire like a curtain.

A curtain rod in a sleeve on the back of the quilt. This is a traditional way to hang a quilt. Any type of curtain rod and holders can be used. It does require a sleeve on the back of the quilt or hanging loops. 

We can supply pin on hanging loops at no charge. If you would like a sleeve sewn to the back of your quilt while it is being made, the cost is 60¢ an inch. Prices effective until 12/31/2021


wall hanging


quilt hanging in office


Quilting Hanging in Museum




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