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Photographs of T-shirt Quilts

Examples T-shirt Quilts Made with Different Size Blocks

Updated: July 15th, 2024 | Published: October 9th, 2023

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By Andrea Funk

Kliban's Cats T-shirt quilt
Examples T-shirt Quilts Made with Different Size Blocks

Check out these 10 stunning T-shirt quilts. They represent a diverse range of genres and styles that exemplify our expertise in quilt-making. We meticulously reviewed over 5000 photographs of our T-shirt quilt and have carefully selected quilts that truly showcase and give you a feeling about the different subtypes of quilts we make.  

We hope enjoy these awesome quilts! 


Different Sizes, Unique Styles: A Showcase of T-shirt Quilts

All-White T-shirt Quilt

Size: 56 x 68
Border: None

All White T-shirt QuiltWe made this quilt for a runner. They choose only to include their white T-shirts. The result is a quilt more colorful than you might have expected. The colors come from the graphics on the T-shirts. The white of the T-shirts just fades into the background. Like a white piece of paper.

All these T-shirts are from a series of races call the Pacific Coast Trail Runs. “Go on a Trail Run.” 

The quilt would not have been nearly as interesting if they had included a few colorful T-shirts. It works because all the T-shirts were white.

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Travel T-shirt Quilt

Size: 64 x 76
Border: 2” inner + 4” pieced outer border

Travel T-shirt Quilt

This travel T-shirt quilt chronicles our customer’s adventures around the United States. She chose some really cool colors from her T-shirts to use for the border. Her choice really tied the quilt together.

We learned that it is never too early to start thinking about your quilt and how you want it to look. As you embark on your next adventure think about the color of the T-shirts you buy. Consider how they will mesh with your past souvenirs. If this is your goal, remember to avoid purchasing white T-shirts.

To learn more about travel quilts click here.


TriWay High School

Size: 84 x 92
Border: None

Triway HS T-shirt Quilt

We like this quilt because it’s purple. But, it’s not just purple; it’s a monochromatic color scheme. It uses purple with black, white, and grey. It makes for a very cohesive quilt.

This is a great example of a quilt that doesn't have a border.

This is a celebration of the students high school years. As such, only high school T-shirts are in the quilt. You can also include T-shirts from early childhood and middle school. 

Using your school colors plus black, white and grey lets a graduation quilt reflect the experience of “the best years of your life”.

Planning a T-shirt quilt?
Here are step-by-step directions for ordering your Too Cool T-shirt quilt.

How to Order a T-shirt Quilt



Virginia Tech

Size: 76 x 88
Border: 4” pieced

VT T-shirt quilt

Every year we have a Virginia Tech quilt in our best of the year line up.  Why do we like them so much? Virginia Tech does an amazing job keeping their color, logo and mascot on brand.

We always love the celebration of Virginia Tech without extraneous distractions.  None of us here have been to Virginia Tech; we should probably go visit some day. Send us your recommendations!

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Hard Rock Café

Size: 72 x 84
Border: 2” solid + 4” pieced + 2” Solid

Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt Quilt

Fun story about this quilt: Andrea was at the Rock ‘n Roll marathon expo in Nashville. A woman said, “Good you’re here! I’ll be back with my T-shirts.” She went home and came back with a bag of T-shirts for us. Ok then!

We had no idea that this quilt was going to be as spectacular as it is!

We’ve made many of Hard Rock Café T-shirt quilts before. This one stands out among the rest because of how colorful it is. Many Hard Rock Café T-shirts quilts are typically more black and white.

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Tommy Bahamas

Size: 68 x 80
Border: 2” solid + 4” pieced + 2” Solid

Tommy Bahama T-shirt Quilt

Who’d have thought that one of our favorite T-shirt quilts would be made out of Resort wear linen shirts? This is a memorial quilt that celebrated a husband and father’s love of Tommy Bahama.

We added the rust color into the quilt’s border to tie in the back of the quilt. His favorite color was rust.

We hope this memorial quilt embodies and brings back great memories of their loved.

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Army Ten Miler

Size: 48 x 60
Border: 4” pieced

Army 10 miler T-shirt Quilt

This quilt was a Christmas gift for a solider who was serving oversea. The soldier’s wife had us make this from his favorite run – The Army Ten Miler.

The inside of this quilt is all white, so the graphics become the color you see. If you look closely at the border, you’ll notice it’s made from his BDUs. We included his name, pockets and an American flag. The border helps explain the interior of the quilt. 

Thank you for your service, we hope you enjoy your epic quilt.

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Kliban’s Cats

Size: 52 x 60
Border: None

Kliban's Cats T-shirt quilt

MEOW! This is a theme quilt highlighting the artwork of famed cat artist Bernard "Hap" Kliban.  

This quilt has a lot of “front and back” T-shirts. On the front of the T-shirt you see the front of the cat. On the back of the T-shirt, you see the same cat from the back. I am sure you have seen these T-shirts before. When making quilts with T-shirts like these, the artist needs to carefully separate the two parts of the T-shirt.  How many “Front/Back” T-shirts can you find in this quilt? 

The back of this quilt is just as cool as the front because of all the intricate and detailed tracings our quilter did. 

Read more about theme quilts here. 

Old Timers Reunion

Size: 64 x 76
Border: None

Old Timers T-shirt Quilt

Old Timers Reunion is a group that brings together spelunkers. For those of you who don’t know, a spelunker is a cave explorer. The Old Timers have been around for over 50 years. Some of the T-shirts in this quilt dated back to the 1980s.


We like it because the colors and the story are great. Besides, how often do you get to learn about spelunking?





Class of 2018

Size: 72 x 84
Border: 4” pieced + 2” solid

Class of 2018 T-shirt Quilt

This high school graduation quilt that tells a story that goes beyond just high school. It’s it a, “This is your life” quilt.  The T-shirts are from different school activities and personal T-shirts as well.

Unlike the purple quilt above, this quilt is more the story of her life, rather than a story just of her high school years.

Here’s a link to our high school graduation recourse page.




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Andrea Funk

Andrea Funk is the inventor of T-shirt quilts made with multiple blocks sizes. The modern method of making T-shirt quilts. In 1992 she founded Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. Her life has been immersed in T-shirt quilts ever since.