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The Best T-shirt Quilts of 2022 - Part 3 of 4

January 16th, 2023

By Andrea Funk

So many T-shirt quilts made in 2020

Each December I sit down and go through photos of the T-shirt quilts we made over the past 12 months.This is the third week, so if you haven't seen those weeks don't forget to check them out. The photographs here shows some of the best quilts we made in 2022. There are a lot of them!

It's always difficult to choose which quilts to include in the Best T-shirt Quilts of 2022. This year I couldn't choose just one, so I've chosen 70 some quilts and pillows to share with you. This is way too many quilts to look at all at once. This is week three of four.

This second group of awesome quilts we made in 2022 are baby clothes quilts, memorial quilts, and pillows. Click on the topic you would like to view.

Baby Clothes         Memorial Quilts        Pillows

Best of 2022 Part 1         Best of 2022 Part 2

Baby Clothes Quilts 

Read more about baby clothes quilts here. 

Baby clothes 2022 - 1Girl's Baby Clothes Quilt

Size - 84 x 92 - Full Size

Border - None

Comments: Baby clothes are some of the cutest things out there. The problem is we all know babies grow so fast. What do you do with the super clothes your baby has outgrown? We are all for turning them into a stunning baby clothes quilt! This is a great example of a complex baby clothes quilt.



Baby clothes 2022 - 2Girl's Baby Clothes Quilt

Size - 64 x 76 - Odd Size

Border - 2" Solid

Comments: Babies are the only ones with cute clothes, toddler T-shirts are also super adorable! This baby clothes quilt is simple without the bells and whistles of a complex quilt, however its just as bright and fun. 

The border and binding pull it all together and give the quilt a nice frame.



Baby clothes 2022 - 3Girl's Baby Clothes Quilt

Size - 72 x 80 - Odd Size

Border - None

Comments: This quilt is a great example of how we use jeans, overalls and jean skirts in quilts.

All of the pockets are usable, as well as the straps on the overalls. Baby clothes quilts are always very tactile and fun to just sit and feel all the different textures.


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Memorial Quilts

Read more about memorial quilts here. 

Memorial best of 2022 - 3Memorial Quilt

Size - 52 x 62 - Large Lap Size

Border - 4" + 2" Solid

Comments: The focal point of this quilt is definitely the red suspenders in the middle. They draw your eye into the quilt and guide you through the rest of the plaid. 






Memorial best of 2022 - 4Plaid Shirt Quilt

Size - 92 x 100 - Queen Size

Border - None

Comments: This quilt is made of dress shirts, all of the colors play so well together. We worked hard to balance the different colors of the shirts with one another. 





Memorial best of 2022 - 6Dog Memorial Quilt

Size - 60 x 76 - Odd Size

Border - 2" Solid

Comments: Dogs have clothes too, dogs deserve T-shirts as well. This quilt memorializes mans best friend. 








Memorial best of 2022 - 2Plaid PJ Quilt

Size - 92 x 100 - Queen Size

Border - 4" Pieced + 2" Solid

Comments: This quilt is made up of all pajamas. Its super soft and moveable. We love how all of the colors blend well together.
Another unique feature of this quilt, is the 4" pieced border is made of the same fabric as the interior.




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Read more about pillows here. 

Pillows Best of 2022 - 6Summer Camp T-shirt Pillow

Comments: One T-shirt can make a cool pillow as well!







Pillows Best of 2022 - 5Chicago Blues Festival
T-shirt Pillow

Comments: We pulled colors from the graphic for the blocks around the T-shirt to make this really cool one T-shirt pillow.






Pillows Best of 2022 - 11Plaid Shirt Pillow

Comments: flannels and plaid also make good pillows. All the pockets are still functional as well.







Pillows Best of 2022 - 9Super GrandPa T-shirt Pillow

Comments: This is perfect for the Grandpa in your life. We used the colors from the shirt to finish the pillow to tie it all together.






Pillows Best of 2022 - 7Group of T-shirt Pillows

Comments: This customer divided up her items into 4 pillow ideas and we took their themes and made pillows out of her piles. We have a vacation hat pillow, a Navy hat pillow, a dress shirt and a regular T-shirt pillow.





Pillows Best of 2022 - 12Group of T-shirt Pillows

Comments: This is a fun group of travel pillows that are bright and happy to look at.







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Andrea Funk

Andrea Funk is the inventor of T-shirt quilts made with multiple blocks sizes. The modern method of making T-shirt quilts. In 1992 she founded Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. Her life has been immersed in T-shirt quilts ever since.