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The Best T-shirt Quilts of 2022 - Part 2 of 4

January 9th, 2023

By Andrea Funk

So many T-shirt quilts made in 2020

Each December I go through photos of all the T-shirt quilts we made over the past 12 months. The photographs here shows some of the quilts we made in 2022. There are a lot of them!

It's so difficult to choose which quilts to include in the Best T-shirt Quilts of 2022. This year I have chosen some 70 quilts and pillows to share with you. I just couldn't decide. I think you'll agree that 70 is way too many quilts to look at all at once. So I'm breaking this into 4 parts over the next 4 weeks. This is week two of four.

This second group of awesome quilts we made in 2022 are quilts with borders and stained-glass T-shirt quilts. Click on the topic you would like to view.

T-shirt Quilts With Borders         Stained-glass T-shirt Quilt       Best of 2022 Part 1   

T-shirt Quilts With Borders

Read more about T-shirt Quilts with Borders here. 

border Best of 2022 - 3Dad T-shirt Quilt

Size - 60 x 76 - Odd Size

Border - 4" Pieced

Comments: If there is one we love, its a bright fun border! We always use our customers T-shirts for our 4" pieced borders so the colors always match.

For this quilt we pulled the bright colors from the quilt and used them in the border to bring a fun brevity to the quilt.





border Best of 2022 - 4Ombré Border T-shirt Quilt

Size - 100 x 112 - King Size

Border - 4" Pieced

Comments: There is only one way to accurately describe how we feel about ombré borders. its - 😍😍😍

They always pull something extra special out of each quilt that we use them on.



border Best of 2022 - 5Varsity Letter "B"
T-shirt Quilt

Size - 64 x 88 - Odd Size

Border - 4" Solid & 8" Pieced


This is a graduation quilt for an athlete who received a lot of Varsity Letters. After many back and forth conversations with the customer we decided to stack them into a border on the left side of the quilt. The stacking allows the letters to stand out and be a focal point.

I love how this turned out!



border Best of 2022 - 1Plaid Shirt Border
T-shirt Quilt

Size - 92 x 100 - Queen Size

Border - 4" Pieced = 2" Solid


The pieced border is made up of T-shirt material from the T-shirts in the quilt and material from a very special plaid flannel shirt. 

We had to cut the flannel shirt very carefully in order to get enough blocks for the border. It was a nice challenge, and very worth the extra work.

Best of T-shirt quilt of 2020 -novelty borderThis is My Life
T-shirt Quilt

Size - 64 x 76 - Odd Size

Border - 4" Pieced + 2" Solid


The 4" border on this quilt is unique! It's made up of socks, shirts, lounge pants, and a lot of other fabrics. 

The fabrics were special fabrics the customer had saved over the year. The combination of different fabrics, the colors from the T-shirts and the socks really makes the border pop!



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Stained-glass T-shirt Quilts

Read more about stained-glass T-shirt quilts here. 

Stained-glass Best of 2022 - 4US Navel Academy
T-shirt Quilt

Size - 72 x 88 - Odd Size

Border - None

Comments: The only thing cooler than a Too Cool T-shirt quilt? A stained glass Too Cool T-shirt quilt!
The back of this USNA quilt is simply stunning!

The Yellow leading really pulls the quilt together by highlighting the Naval academy's colors.




Stained-glass Best of 2022 - 3Travel T-shirt Quilt

Size - 64 x 76 - Odd Size

Border - 4" Pieced

Comments: A lot of our stained glass quilts have black leading, but this light grey really makes the T-shirts pop.

Its a really nice contrast to the color of the shirts, add the bright border to this quilt and it just glows.





Stained-glass Best of 2022 - 1This is My Life
T-shirt Quilt

Size - 72 x 84 - Odd Size

Border - 4" Pieced

Comments: There are a few quilts that are just happy and joyful. This is one of those quilts.

Its a smile in the form of a quilt. The jewel tones of border are pulled from the quilt, and they bring the whole quilt to life in a way that wouldn't have happened without the border.



Stained-glass Best of 2022 - 5This is My Life
T-shirt Quilt

Size - 76 x 88 - Odd Size

Border - 4" Pieced

Comments: This, like that last stained glass quilt, is happiness in quilt form. However, the shirts in this quilt are a different vibe. Take a look at how different shirts can change the feeling of the quilt.





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Andrea Funk

Andrea Funk is the inventor of T-shirt quilts made with multiple blocks sizes. The modern method of making T-shirt quilts. In 1992 she founded Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. Her life has been immersed in T-shirt quilts ever since.