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The Best T-shirt Quilts of 2022 - Part 1 of 4

January 1st, 2023

By Andrea Funk

So many T-shirt quilts made in 2020

Every year I sit down in December and go through all the photos of the quilts we made over the last 12 months. Every quilt we make is its own thing, they are so wide ranging and unique. I always have trouble choosing the 'best of' each year.

This year I have chosen some 70 quilts and pillows to share with you. I just couldn't decide! 70 quilts is just way too many quilts to look at in one go. Because there are so many, I've broken them into different categories and will be sharing them in four parts over the next four weeks.

This first group of awesome quilts we made in 2022 are graduation, concert and jersey quilts. If you want to jump to a specific topic, just click on it below.

Graduation        Concert             Jersey

Graduation T-shirt Quilt

Graduation best of 2022 -6East Central Trojans

Size - 84 x 92 - Full Size

Border - 4" Pieced + 2" Solid


This is a monochromatic quilt. Meaning that it uses only one color, along with black, white or grey. In this case the color is red, with black and grey.

Because of this color scheme it is a very cohesive looking quilt. 



Graduation best of 2022 - 1Riverside Brookfield Bulldogs

Size - 92 x 100 - Queen Size

Border - None


I like the sash with the initials RB in the center. It's perfect for the center of the quilt . If you only had that one item, you wouldn't know the story. 

The rest of the T-shirts provide the detail that fill out this persons story. 



Graduation best of 2022 -2Osseo HS

Size - 56 x 76 - Multi Use Size Range

Border - None


Not all the high school graduation quilts we make are for the current year. 

This quilt is from 2005!

It's never too late to have your T-shirt quilt made.



Graduation best of 2022 -3Riverside Brookfield Bulldogs

Size - 60 x 72 - Multi Use Size

Border - None


Check out the bling on this quilt!

You might not notice at first glance but its there! Check out the "cheer" near the top left. There were a lot of rhinestones to contend with, I think we broke 6 needles making this quilt!

But the needles are worth the sparkles!

Graduation best of 2022 -5NJHS

Size - 72 x 84 - In-between Sizes

Border - None


This is a classic graduation
T-shirt quilts. It emphasizes  the graduates interests. In this case, it was softball. 

This was another quilt from graduations gone by. This is from the class of 2017.




Graduation best of 2022 -7Cornell

Size - 64 x 72 - Odd Size

Border - None


The first thing you see on this quilt is the "GO BIG RED" scarf across the top of the quilt. 

But did you also see the pennant, stocking hats and baseball caps?

A T-shirt quilt can use a lot more than just T-shirts!




Graduation best of 2022 -4K- State

Size - 92 x 100 - Queen Sizes

Border - 4" + 2"Solid


This quilt was nearly a monochromatic quilt. But it was more important that all their T-shirts be in the quilt. 

We worked hard to balance the red, green and light blue blocks into the quilt. We did this by including more than one block of each color.  It helps to keep your eye from only seeing that one color block that is different. 

Best of T-shirt quilt of 2020 - graduationPlymouth Wildcats

Size - 84 x 92 - Full Size

Border - None


This customer wanted a larger quilt than their T-shirts graphics could make. 

To make the quilt larger we added in blank blocks of their T-shirt material. 

We also added in the army green fabric. This was their favorite color and the color we used on the back of the quilt. 


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Concert T-shirt Quilts

Concert best of 2022 - 3All Black Concert
T-shirt Quilt.

Size - 84 x 92 - Full Size

Border - 4" Solid


This is a great example of an all black T-shirt quilt.  Despite being all back, it is a very colorful quilt. 

The color comes from the graphics on the T-shirts. 

This quilt also includes a lot of the tour dates from the backs of T-shirts.


Concert best of 2022 - 4Concert T-shirt Quilt

Size - 92 x 100 - Queen Size

Border - 4" Solid


This quilt has a wide variety of concert T-shirts. We worked hard to balance the colors and designs so that the T-shirts told the story.





Concert best of 2022 - 1Colorful Concert Quilt

Size - 72 x 84 - Odd Size

Border - 4" + 2" Solid


This quilt is much more colorful and lighter feeling than the two quilts above.

This quilt does not include the tour dates from the backs of the T-shirts. It focuses on the larger front graphics only, this gives the quilt a much different feeling. 



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Jersey Quilts

Jersey best of 2022 - 6Hockey Jersey Quilt

Size - 52 x 64 - Large Lap Size

Border - None


This quilt is a great example of different ways to add in jerseys.

The first thing you notice is the large panel across the top. This is the neck and shoulders of a very important jersey.

We also used the long arm quilting to put back in the faded letting on the green #6 jersey at the top center.


Jersey best of 2022 - 4Bicycle Jersey Quilt

Size - 72 x 80 - Between Sizes

Border - None


This is a Pan-Mass Challenge jersey quilt. We love the color and feel of this quilt!

Its light and fun with tons of hidden pockets and zippers to explore.

The silky bike jersey material also makes this quilt super smooth and fun to touch.



Jersey best of 2022 - 1Baseball Jersey Quilt

Size - 88 x 96 - Between Sizes

Border - 2" Solid


This quilt is a great example of combining two or more different team jerseys into one quilt.

If you look closely you can see there are multiple sports and teams represented as well as different numbers highlighted.



Jersey best of 2022 - 7Hockey Jersey Quilt

Size - 60 x 72 - Large Lap Size

Border - None

Comments: This jersey quilt is a perfect example of how to make a smaller jersey quilt.

This customer was very selective in their choices. They took out numbers and some of the larger pieces. This way, the jerseys are all represented, but the quilt is a nice lap size.



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Andrea Funk

Andrea Funk is the inventor of T-shirt quilts made with multiple blocks sizes. The modern method of making T-shirt quilts. In 1992 she founded Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. Her life has been immersed in T-shirt quilts ever since.