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By: Andrea Funk on January 1st, 2017

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The Best T-shirt Quilts of 2016

Photographs of T-shirt Quilts

Here are some of our favorite T-shirt quilt from 2016 and why we like them. They are in no particular order.  

Breast Cancer 318.jpgBreast Cancer 

This quilt started out as an all white T-shirt quilt. However because the quilt was smaller than the customer wanted she decided to add a border. The Ombre effect of border was inspired from all the different pink graphics in the T-shirts we used. In French, Ombre means shaded. It is the gradual blending of one color in tints and shades from light to dark.

We love the border on this quilt. Although the customer did not have any pink T-shirts, we were able to provide the fabric for the cool border from our huge stash of colored T-shirt material.

Size: 68" x 84" 

Border: 4" pieced

Disney Girl 318.jpgDisney Girl

This is one of two Disney themed quilts we made for two sisters. The girls love everything Disney. 

This quilt features the Minnie Mouse dress in the center with the matching socks in the bottom center sewn on a black block. In the upper right hand corner you can see a Minnie Mouse fanny-pack with Minnie Mouse head and feet. The fanny-pack gives the quilt a super fun 3D aspect. Since this quilt needed a few filler blocks to round out the size, we used the red with white polka dot fabric from the skirt of the dress.

Size: 68" x 76"

Border: 4" pieced.





Duke 318.jpegDuke

This was one of many college and university quilts we made this year, any number of which could have been included with the best quilts of the year. We love all these college quilts because of the theme and that they are monochromatic. This means that there is one color combined with black, white and gray. 

This particular quilt was made for a young man graduating from high school to take to college – he’s going to Duke! His mom collected these shirts from visits to Durham and from the Internet from sites such as EBay. This young man also received a graduation quilt made from his high school T-shirts. Lucky kid!

Size: 72" x 88" 

Borders: 4" pieced + 2" solid inner border





Folk Fest 318.jpg

Folk Fest

This quilt was made from T-shirts collected from 25 years of Folk Festivals in East Lansing, Michigan. 

We love the colors in this quilt. The purple border with the red binding is sharp. There is only one white T-shirt in the quilt and the rest of the T-shirts are colorful and fun. The T-shirts themselves are also fun to look at. 

Size: 96" x 104"

Border: 4" solid




Are you ready to have a quilt made from your T-shirts? If so, here's how.

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Graduation 318.jpg

This quilts was made for a young man graduating from high school. He played a lot of tennis and was busy with many other activities. What stands out about this quilt is how colorful it is! The pieced border was made from coloered material taken from the leftovers from the T-shirts in the quilt. The black 2” inner border defines the quilt from the colorful border.

This quilt has received so much positive feedback. On our Facebook page, it received more views than any other quilt this year.

Size: 96" x 104" 

Borders: 4" pieced + 2" solider inner border





Heating & Plumbing 318.jpg

Heating & Plumbing

Who says that heating & plumbing has to be boring? This quilt just struck all of us as wonderful. So let’s break down what we liked…

  1. There were just two T-shirt designs used – the QC4 T-shirt and the T-shirt with the antlers. You might not think that you can make a cool quilt from just two different shirts – but this proves you can!
  2. The T-shirts were very well worn and loved. You can see that some of the printing has faded. There were holes in other shirts. Many of the T-shirts had pockets – we used them all. 
  3. We also loved the color palette. The photo of this quilt just does not show how unique the colors are. They are rich, earthy and the pop of yellow is perfect.

Size: 60" x 72"  






Mario Piano 318.jpegMario Piano

 This may not seem like a typical Too Cool T-shirt quilt – it’s little more gloomy and darker than you may expect. But we make more quilts like this than you might expect. This quilt reflects the interest of the young man for whom it was made. It’s dark and brooding with some flashed of fun.

The pianos keys across the bottom of the quilt were from a scarf. It adds a bit of quirkiness to the quilt, but matches the feel of the other T-shirts in the quilt.

Size: 60" x 72"   





Michigan 318.jpegCharlevoix, Michigan


Charlevoix, Michigan is located at the top of the ring finger in the mitten of Lower Michigan. If you are from Michigan, you have probably been to Charlevoix. 

We also like it because it’s red, white and blue. It’s not the red, white and blue of the flag, but reds, white and blues. Soft and royal blues mixed with reds on the verge of maroon. The colors work together and the border, made from the same T-shirt material of the T-shirts, support the look of the quilt.

 Size: 60" x 72"   

Border – 4" pieced





Runners 318.jpg

Colfax Marathon

If you are a runner in the Denver Colorado area, you probably have heard of the Colfax Half Marathon. This quilt was made from the T-shirts and race bibs from one runner’s 10 years of participating the race.

If you don’t know, race bibs are made out of a Tyvek type material - think FedEx envelopes. It’s plastic and as such, it won’t fall apart in the wash. So race bib numbers are perfect for using in a T-shirt quilt.

We love how the red, lime, royal blue, purple, blacks and whites work together to create a great looking quilt.

56" x 64" 

Border: 4" pieced



Social Media 318.jpgSocial Media


We made this quilt for a woman who works at Dropbox. The blue Dropbox logo is centered. All the logos are from media or social media companies. How many of the logos do you recognize?

This quilt is wider than tall because it was made to hang on a wall.

We like this quilt because of the content, the orientation, the rich colors and because it’s very small. When we received a HUGE box of T-shirts, we did not expect to make such a small quilt.

Size: 56" x 48" – Wall hanging  




Tennessee 318.jpg

Tennessee Quilt


This is another of the many college and university quilts we made this year. We love the look of the 2” white inner border. It made the inside of the quilt pop out of the 4” orange border. We especially like how this white border makes the “Tennessee” in the upper left corner and the “Volunteers” in the lower right corners just float. It’s a nice effect.

The monochromatic color scheme is perfect because it lets the orange sing out and be the star of the quilt.

64" x 76" 

Borders: 4" solid outer + 2" solid inner



Harley Davidson 318.jpegColorful Harley-Davidson

This quilt was made for a woman. This is obvious if you've seen a number of Harley-Davidson T-shirt quilts. Most of them are black or dark. When we make a Harley-Davidson quilt from a woman T-shirt's, you will know it. Like this quilt, they will have a different feel. They are more colorful and visually lighter.

The woman we made this quilt for wanted to include the locations on the backs of the shirts. These were the location where she purchased the T-shirts on her travels on her Harley. For her, these were an important part of her story.

60" x 64" 


About Andrea Funk

Andrea Funk is the inventor of T-shirt quilts made with multiple blocks sizes. The modern method of making T-shirt quilts. In 1992 she founded Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. Her life has been immersed in T-shirt quilts ever since.