The back of a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt® is too cool!


The quilting designs on the back of a Too Cool T-shirt quilt are not only fun, they are one of the things that set a Too Cool T-shirt quilt apart from other T-shirt quilts.

Features of our quilting include:

Contrasting Thread Color

We typically use a contrasting thread on a solid material so the quilting can be seen. For example, we might choose to use a light blue thread on a navy backing. This light-colored thread would show up great on the navy.

Each Block is Different

Every block in our quilts is quilted with a different pattern. Some blocks may receive an overall pattern such as loops, sunbursts, or meanderings. Note, this overall pattern is by block and not on the entire quilt.


On some blocks, we might trace a design or word on the T-shirt block. For example, if Mickey Mouse is on the front, we would trace him and then on the back of the quilt you would see Mickey.

Read more about our quilting here.


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