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By: Andrea Funk on February 1st, 2016

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What Makes a T-shirt Quilt Awesome?

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There are a number of qualities that make a T-shirt quilt awesome. Some, you can describe. Some result from getting all the little things right. And there are other qualities that come from great technique and design coupled with the perfect combination of T-shirts.

Below are the top 4 T-shirts quilts made in 2015 with a description of what made each stand out among thousands of other T-shirt quilts made this past year.

North Dakota Fighting Sioux T-shirt Quilt#1 - North Dakota Fighting Sioux

This quilt was made for a young woman who graduated from the University of North Dakota in the spring of 2015. 

Color makes this quilt visually striking. The school colors are green and white. So she had T-shirts that were green, white, gray and black. Oh, and she had three pink T-shirts that had to go into the quilt. 

Three pink blocks in a sea of green, white, black and gray would have stuck out like sore thumbs. To balance the pink, we added additional small pink blocks in throughout the quilt. 

The quilt would have been beautiful without the pink blocks, but is was those pink blocks that just make this quilt so much more interesting than just using green, white, gray and black. 

The 4" green outer border and the 2" black inner border on this quilt just added to the quilts overall visual appeal.  

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NCY Subway T-shirt Quilt

#2 - Train Quilt

This quilt was made for a 8 year old boy for Hanukkah 2015.  His passion is trains and more specifically the NYC Subway.  

Like the college quilt above, all the T-shirts used in this quilt were of one theme - trains. A single focus in a quilt can make it more unified. 

The border on this quilt is wonderful. The 4" pieced border colors were the colors of the subway routes that the family uses most frequently. 

This quilt is being used on the boy's bed. Since a well made T-shirt quilt can be washed over and over, his mom will not have to worry about it falling a part in the wash.

This will be a quilt this young boy will be able to pass down to his children. 


A Runner's quilt#3 - Runner's Quilt

If you are a runner or triathlete and race, you probably have too many T-shirts like the person for whom we made this quilt.

The first thing you notice about this quilt is the red, white and blue color theme. You notice it in the border and then you see that theme in many of the T-shirts.

Did you notice the race bib numbers in the quilt? There are at least 5 of them. Great details like these make this quilt more than just a T-shirt quilt. It's a memory quilt that tells this persons story. 




a T-shirt quilt for a swimming coach#4 - Swim Coaches Quilt

In the spring of 2015, the swimmers of B3 Aquatics commissioned us to make each of their coaches a quilt. This quilt was for the head coach. 

The center block of this quilt is a swimsuit with the team logo. The lycra of the swimming suit had a silky feel and adds a next texture to the quilt. 

The orange and royal blue borders frame the quilt nicely and made the quilt larger since they did not have a lot of T-shirts to work with. 

This is a colorful and fun quilt that is more than just the T-shirts. 


Your T-shirt quilt needs to be more than just a collection of T-shirt sewn together in rows and columns. Your T-shirt quilt needs to be something so awesome that a stranger would say, "If you don't want it, I'll take it." 

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Download: The T-shirt Quilt Buyers Guide to learn more about having a quilt made from your T-shirts. 

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U of ND T-shirt Quilt

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About Andrea Funk

Andrea Funk is the inventor of T-shirt quilts made with multiple blocks sizes. The modern method of making T-shirt quilts. In 1992 she founded Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. Her life has been immersed in T-shirt quilts ever since. 


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