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Do you know someone who is the world’s biggest Sponge Bob fan? Or sports fan with a favorite team? If so, a T-shirt quilt made out of those T-shirts will awe them!

Collecting Suggestions:

This is not a quilt that will come together quickly. Collecting the needed T-shirts could take up to a year! Collect T-shirts from friends, family, garage sales, church sales and thrift shops. At sales you should pay between 10¢ and $1 a T-shirt. Only pay over a dollar if the T-shirt has a large design on it or is just too awesome to pass up. At thrift stores you will pay between $1.50 and $4.00 a T-shirt.

HardRock Cafe T-shirt quilt
Betty Boop tee shirt quilt


Bobby Jack T-shirt quilt


Ohio State T-shirt Quilt