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Memorial Quilts

Quilts from Scrubs

November 10th, 2016

By Andrea Funk

Nurse scrubs 1.jpeg

quilt from scrubsA million years ago when I was a kid, nurses wore white uniforms and starched white hats. You could pick out a nurse from miles around. Now days, it seems that everyone but the doctors wear scrubs. And not just the green one you see in surgery, but ones made from printed fabric with all sorts of prints. There are scrubs especially for the holidays, for your favorite team and those that are attractive to kids.

And most of those in the health care field tend to accumulate a lot of scrubs over a career of nursing or working in the medical profession. After all, scrubs are basic pant and top. The cut or colors don’t go out of style like typical clothing and there is no need to replace them over the years. So, what do you do with all these scrubs? A quilt of course!

Memorial Scrub Quilts

A few years ago we made these three quilts for a family who’s wife/mom/grandmother passed away. She died at work doing what she loved – taking care of people. Her family wanted to celebrate her life and her dedication to nursing by having three memorial quilts made from her scrubs.

When they went through her closet, they discovered that she had over 50 pairs of scrubs! They knew she had a lot, but they did not realize that she had that many. It was good that she had so many pairs because they were looking to have 3 quilts made.

Retirement Scrub Quilt

A great time to have a scrub quilt made is way before you die. That way you will get to enjoy your quilt. So a retirement scrubs quilt would be the ticket.

How We Used the Scrubs

Scrubs quilts with pocketIn the three quilts we made, we just used fabric from the scrubs. The family decided they did not want to add in any other fabrics. We wanted to use more than just one piece of fabric from each scrub. So we made sure that we included all the pockets on the scrubs. So each of the quilts have a number of pockets.

Adding a pocket to any quilt makes the quilt much more interactive. So instead of just looking at the fabrics, the quilt owner can use the pockets when they use the quilt. The pockets can be used for hiding candy. They can be used to hold a phone or a TV remote. They can be used for any imaginable use. But if they weren’t there, the imagination would not be challenged.

Other Design Options to Consider

If these quilts here seem busy, they are. But they are what this customer wanted to see in their quilts. The quilts were to celebrate a life so they limited the quilts just to their fabrics.

But you have other options to consider. First, if you like the look of a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt, we can add solid color fabric into the mix of scrubs. This solid color fabric will give your eyes a place to rest. You can use the same color fabric throughout the entire quilt or you can use a number of different color fabrics.

Second, if you sew yourself, your scrubs would make great fabric to use in any more traditional style quilts such as a Lone Star or a Log Cabin quilt. If you don’t sew and want a more traditional style quilt, then you would need to hire someone to make this for you. A pieced quilt will cost a lot since there is a lot that goes into planning and making most traditional quilts. If such a quilt were out of your price range, I would suggest taking a beginning quilting class and make your own quilt.

How To Plan a Quilt From Scrubs

If you are looking to have Too Cool T-shirt Quilts make a quilt from scrubs for you, your planning is easy. First you need to decide if you want just scrubs used in your quilt or if you would like to add solid colors into your mix. You might even have a few solid color scrubs you could add to your printed scrubs.

Second, print out the order form, box up your scrubs and ship or deliver your scrubs to us. Click here to read more about how to have us make a quilt for you.


quilt from scrubs

quilt made from scrubs 


Andrea Funk

Andrea Funk is the inventor of T-shirt quilts made with multiple blocks sizes. The modern method of making T-shirt quilts. In 1992 she founded Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. Her life has been immersed in T-shirt quilts ever since.