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By: Andrea Funk on October 6th, 2014

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Your Worst Nightmare About T-shirt Quilts Come to Life

How_not_to_make_a_T-shirt_quiltSo you have a crappy T-shirt quilt. You look at it and are just so disappointed with the results that you want to cry or just leave it folded up in the drawer.  Perhaps you didn’t know that there were other options out there for a cool T-shirt quilt. Perhaps you were given the quilt as a gift.  Whatever the reason, you hate your quilt and want a do-over. 

Normally I say that you only have one chance to have a T-shirt quilt made right. But with that said, we have reconstructed a number of very poorly made quilts into much better ones.

The Perfect Candidates for a Makeover

  • The best quilts to remake are ones that don’t have any quilting. These would be quilts like they make at Project Repat. The blocks are sewn to each other and not quilted to a batting or backing material.

  • fleece_on_back_of_quiltWe can also remake quilts that were made with minimal quilting. Quilts from Campus Quilts are sparsely quilted and the quilting stitches are very long. These quilts are very easy to unstitch, take apart, and be transformed into a Too Cool quilt.

  • Quilts that have been tied. Tying is a finishing method that uses embroidery floss or yarn to make knots that are evenly spaced over the quilt.

  • We can also take apart an un-quilted quilt top and remake that in a Too Cool style quilt.  

What Will Be Fixed

  • This is a poorly made traditional style T-shirt quiltUniform size blocks can be re-cut into a number of different block sizes. This will especially help with small graphics that were left hanging in too much white space.

  • The quilt will be redesigned with multiple block sizes that are puzzled together.

  • The backing fabric will be changed to 100% cotton fabric in the color of your choice.

  • The batting will be replaced with Hobbs 80% cotton/20% poly. This is the industry standard quilting batting.

  • bad_quilt_all_betterThe quilt will be long arm machine quilted by an artist.

  • Finally the binding will be a true binding made from 100% cotton fabric.

What Can’t Be Fixed

  • If an image has been cropped off to fit a standard block size, we are not going be to able to make that image whole again.

  • Any needle or tie hole will not be able to be fixed. We will make them so they don’t increase in size and not show any batting through the hole.

How to Improve the Quilt

Sally_old-1If you add in additional T-shirts that have not yet been cut you will end up with a better-looking quilt because you should then have some larger blocks without parts of them cut off.

I have seen so many truly awful T-shirt quilts since i began making T-shirt quilts in 1992.  I see them every day on twitter – “Oh look at my beautiful quilt that so and so made.” So I look at the photo and say to myself, “are you kidding me? That’s awful!” 

The only reason an awful quilt can look great to someone is because it’s made with his or her T-shirts. But it’s still an awful quilt. The true test of how great a T-shirt quilt is if someone else looks at it and says, “If you don’t want it, I’ll take it.”

If you would like to see if we can resuscitate your T-shirt quilt, please e-mail us a few photographs so we can tell you if it can be saved. Be sure to send a close up of the back, the binding and parts of the front. After we evaluate the work that would be involved, we will estimate the extra charges for taking the quilt apart and fixing the blocks for a Too Cool style T-shirt quilt.



About Andrea Funk

Andrea Funk is the inventor of T-shirt quilts made with multiple blocks sizes. The modern method of making T-shirt quilts. In 1992 she founded Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. Her life has been immersed in T-shirt quilts ever since.