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By: Andrea Funk on January 21st, 2019

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The Best Baby Clothes Quilts of 2018

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Each year we make 30 to 40 baby clothes quilts. 

Falon's Baby Clothes QuiltBaby clothes quilts come in two varieties – simple and complex. 

A complex baby clothes quilt is exactly what the name says; it’s complex. We use all of the adorable parts of your baby’s clothes. We’ve used complete onesies, footie pajamas, bibs, hats, dresses, overalls, shoes and much more! The result is a quilt that reflects the personality of each clothing item.


A simple baby clothes quilt still uses the adorable clothes you send us. However, we simply take a block of fabric from each item as opposed to using a whole piece or a significant part of the item.

Additional work is involved both types of baby clothes quilts compared to a traditional T-shirt quilt. Thus, the price of a baby clothes quilt is more than a T-shirt quilt. The price for a simple baby clothes quilt is less than the complex baby clothes quilt. Complex baby clothes quilts take tons of extra woman-hours throughout the entire process.

Read more about baby clothes quilts here.

What do we look for in our ‘Best of the Year’ baby clothes quilts?

We’re not sure if it’s the adorable clothing items you send us or how you let us use them that make a great quilt.  We look for quilts that exemplifies the two styles of baby clothes quilts. The “aww, that’s so cute” factor is also taken into account. Honestly, the complex baby clothes quilts are the best. 

Here are our 10 favorite baby clothes quilts of 2018.


Baby Clothes quilt with whole outfitsBaby Clothes with Elf Outfit

Size 72 x 88
Border: None
Complex: Yes

The elf outfit just jump out at you. The front of the outfit is in the upper right hand corner. What you might not have noticed is the back of the outfit is in the bottom left hand corner of the quilt. We were able to take one outfit and get two really adorable block from it.

This quilt also has parts of a soft mobile included in the quilt.  Look for hats, sweater, dresses and the Star Wars Wookie.




baby Overalls quiltOveralls with Border

Size: 100 x 112
Border: 4” pieced + 2 solid”
Complex: Yes

Does your baby have lots of overalls? If so their quilt might look like this! If you look close you can see over 10 pairs of overalls. We also used footie pajamas, hats and much more!

We love the sense of playfulness the border adds to this quilt. This quilt demonstrates that a boy can have just as cute quilt as a girl.

Baby clothes quilt with pj feetLots of Feet!

Size: 92 x 100
Border: None
Complex: Yes

One foot, two foot, left foot, blue foot!

This quilt might hold the record for how many footie PJ’s we’ve ever used in a quilt. We design it so the feet hang loose from the quilt.

We only included the super cute feet – you know, the ones with the faces or other distinguishing feature. It would be a shame to have those sewed-down or not included.

We had so much fun making this quilt.

baby clothes quiltPurple Baby

Size: 64x76
Border: 2” solid
Complex: Yes 

On the surface, this quilt might look simple. But it’s more complex than you might realize. There are girly overall, sweaters you can unbutton, a hat, pockets, and dresses.

We tend to like quilts with a cohesive color scheme. This quilt has lots of purples and pinks with nice pops of yellow to set off the purple. It’s a nice quilt to look at and enjoy.

Baby clothes quilt with lots of hatsHats!

Size: 64x72
Border: None
Complex: Yes

When you look at this quilt, the first thing that grabs your attention is the number of hats.

If you spend more time looking, you see the different clothing items used. This includes bibs overalls and even blankets.

Another thing we like about this quilt is that it is very interactive and tactile. The overalls can be unbuttoned or unsnapped. There are pockets all over the place.

So much of the first year of a babies’ life is included.

baby Outfits made into a quiltOutfits

Size: 60x72
Border: 2” Solid
Complex: Yes

One of the super cool things about complex baby clothes quilts are that we can use whole outfits.

The sweatshirt in upper right hand corner is a perfect example of this. The hood and both sleeves move and are interactive. Pockets can still be used and zippers still works. It really is Too Cool!





Want to learn more about having a quilt made from your baby clothes? 
Here's a link to our baby clothes quilt guide.
Baby Clothes Buying Guide

baby clothes quilt with lots of bibs and hats

Cute Dude

Size: 60x72
Border: None
Complex: yes

This quilt has one of everything; hats, bibs, blankets, even a batman costume. It is a great representation of baby boys first year of life.

Bibs, Hats & ShoesBibs, Hats & Shoes

Size: 40x40
Border: none
Complex: yes

Did you know we could use baby shoes in a quilt? No? Well, now you do! This is an awesome little quilt. 

There wasn’t as much here to work with as some of our other baby clothes quilts. 7 hats, 3 footie PJs, a blanket, two T-shirts, a pair of overalls, 3 bibs and 4 pairs of shoes. The resulting quilt still tells the story of a baby’s first year.

Baby Blankets QuiltBaby Blankets Quilt

Size: 48 x 48
Border: No
Complex: No 

This quilt was made for the mother of Sam and Ben from their monogrammed blankets. We used pieces from the fronts and backs of their blankets.

This is a very soft and cozy quilt. The blankets all have a little bit different texture. This makes the quilt very fun to touch.

6 kids with their mom's quilt made from their baby clothes.Family with 6 Kids

Size: 84x92
Border: 4” Pieced
Complex: No

This quilt is for the mother of these 6 kids. 5 boys and one girl. Poor girl! To have 5 brothers!

The family included items from all the kids. I am sure that the boys of the family wore a lot of hand-me-downs.  There’s almost an equal amount of boy and girl in this quilt.

Across the top there are 6 blocks made from each child’s baby blanket. You can see that one pink block hugged by her brothers.

What a great way to celebrate your children.

Family with 6 Kids

Want to learn more about having a quilt made from your baby clothes?
Here's a link to our baby clothes quilt guide.
Baby Clothes Buying Guide 


About Andrea Funk

Andrea Funk is the inventor of T-shirt quilts made with multiple blocks sizes. The modern method of making T-shirt quilts. In 1992 she founded Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. Her life has been immersed in T-shirt quilts ever since. 


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