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T-shirt Pillows

T-shirt Pillows Overview

November 6th, 2017

By Andrea Funk

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T-shirt pillowsToo Cool T-shirt Quilts does make pillows from T-shirts. But not just any old T-shirt pillows – we are making pillows that are too cool.

When we began to consider making pillows, we first experimented with turning T-shirts and clothing into pillows. We began, we approached the problem with a number of criteria that we need to meet. These included:

VT_Pillows.jpegMust be Able to Use Multiple T-shirts

We had seen T-shirt pillows that were made from just one T-shirts. They were awful. The entire T-shirt was made into the pillow. The arms and neckline were sewn shut and a pillow was put in from the bottom. It was a cheap looking pillow case. We were not even going to consider this approach!

Rather, we wanted to be able to use a number of T-shirts in a pillow. T-shirts tell a story. As a T-shirt quilt is to a book, a T-shirt pillow is to chapter or a novella. 

In the method we have developed, we can use anywhere from 1 to 10 T-shirts. 

Midler pillow.jpegMust be Quilted

We love the quilting we do on our quilts. It’s one of the characteristics of our quilts that is most commented upon. We decided if we were to do a pillow, it was going to be quilted.

We knew that the quilting would not be seen on the inside of the pillow as you can see it on the back of a quilt. Even so, it was important that the exterior of the pillow have the same texture as a quilt.

The Pillow Form Must be Removable.

A pillow with its form is sewn into the pillow are a pain because you can’t wash the case or change out the form. We wanted our pillows to useable and practicable. So, we made sure that the pillow form was removable.

Isaac Pillow Front.jpgThe Pillow Form Must Not Show

When we began our pillow journey, we spent time looking at the pillow we use all the time. We noticed that the pillows we use in bed tend to work their way out of the case. We did not like that look. Thus, our pillows had to hide the pillow form.  

There needed to be no zipper or buttons involved.

Zippers are tricky, time consuming and difficult to make look good. Buttons are also time consuming and not want we wanted to spend our time on. This is the one requirement that took the most time to figure out.

We could have gone online and seen how other people were making their pillows, but we didn’t. We wanted a solution that was ours and that worked with what we do. Note, this does not mean that we “created” this solution. Rather we independently developed the solution that we use.

Baker_Pillow_Front.jpgMust be Washable

A pillow is for your head and face. If a pillow can’t be washed, well, gross! Since our quilts are washable, the only thing we had to make sure for our pillows was that the form can be removed.

Must be Durable

We wanted to make pillows that were durable. And ours are. Although, how you use any item will influence its lifespan. Remove about that here.

Must be Made in the Too Cool T-shirt Quilts Style

This was important because wanted to be able to pair up a pillow with one of our quilts. Accordingly, as we developed our pillow, we made sure we used the same system we use to puzzle together our quilts.

After many attempts, we have developed a pillow that met all of the above criteria. We make over 75 pillows each year. Below is more information.

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T-shirt Quilt Buying Guide

T-shirt Pillows

T-shirt pillowsT-shirt pillows are great if you don’t have enough T-shirts for a T-shirt quilt or if you have more T-shirts than you need for the size quilt you want.  

We also think that T-shirt pillows will make great gifts because they are less expensive than quilts and require fewer T-shirts. Think coaches, teachers and friends.  Here's the basic information about pillows. 

  • 1 to 10 T-shirts. The actual number of T-shirts needed will depend on the design(s) on the T-shirts.
  • Size 24" x 24". We selected this size because it is large enough to let us use a numbers of T-shirts.
  • Fully quilted like our T-shirts quilts. We felt it very important that our pillows match our quilts.

Memorial Clothing Pillows

memorial clothing pillowOur memorial pillow transforms your loved one's clothing into a pillow that will bring comfort. You can also have this type of pillow made with your own clothing.

  • 6 washable clothing items. If the items are not washable, then you will need to dry clean the pillow.
  • Size 24" x 24".
  • Fully quilted like our T-shirts quilts


The pricing of a pillow is much less than for one of our quilts because there are a number of steps that we don't have to do for a pillow that we do have to do for a quilt. For example, we don't have to do a three different steps in the layout and design that we do for a quilt. 

We also don't have to add backing fabric into the pricing of a pillow because we are able to long-arm quilt a pillow at the bottom of another quilt. Since you don't see the inside of the pillow, the backing color we use does not matter. 

Read more about the pricing of the pillows here. 


Here are some photos of our pillows.

T-shirt pillows baby clothes pillows T-shirt pillows  T-shirt pillows T-shirt pillows

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Andrea Funk

Andrea Funk is the inventor of T-shirt quilts made with multiple blocks sizes. The modern method of making T-shirt quilts. In 1992 she founded Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. Her life has been immersed in T-shirt quilts ever since.