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A Perfect solution for fewer T-shirts


T-shirt Pillows

A T-shirt pillow is useful for solving many problems... 

  • I don't have enough T-shirts for a quilt. 
  • I have extra T-shirts from keeping my quilt the size I want.
  • I have one special T-shirt I want to highlight.
  • I need a gift for a coach, teacher, or friend.

Memorial Pillows

A memorial pillow transforms your loved one's clothing into a pillow that will bring comfort. 

Pricing Effective Until 7/1/24

Girl Harley Davidson T-shirt Pillow by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts
We Invented the Puzzle Style T-shirt Pillow

You Can Expect an Awesome Pillow
from Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

Examples of T-shirt and Memorial Pillows

T-shirt Quilt Pillows




Approximate # of T-shirts

T-shirt Pillow


24" x 24"

1 to 10 T-shirts

Single T-shirt, Pillow


24" x 24"


Memorial Pillows


24" x 24"

4 to 8 Pieces of Clothing


What Are Your Expectations?

A well-made T-shirt quilt pillow is expensive. If someone tells you they can make one for a lot less, be wary. They probably aren't making the same type and style of T-shirt pillow we are. 

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself about your dream pillow.


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Is the Pillow Fully Quilted?

Our pillows are long-arm quilted the same as our quilts. Very cool!

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yellow question mark icon small

Cropped off Graphics?

Many quilt makers will crop off logos to fit a single standard block size. It saves them money and will break your heart.

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Rows & Columns?

Uninteresting and cheap to make.  This is very different to our puzzle style.

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Cheap Fabrics?

Itchy and won't stand the test of time.  We use the highest quality materials.

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group family Pillows by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to make my pillow?

How Many T-shirts are Needed for Your T-shirt Pillow?

What's included in the price of the standard T-shirt pillow?

Can sweatshirts be used?

Are T-shirts the only thing that can go into a T-shirt pillow?

What parts of the T-shirts can I use?

What parts of the T-shirts don't we use?

How To Get Started

Transform Your T-shirts Into Your Dream Pillow

Since 1992, we've learned so much about T-shirt pillows.

Visit our Learning Center to learn all about the ins and outs of T-shirt pillows and more!


What our customers are saying

Thank you for the wonderful craftsmanship on my pillow. It turned out just as I wanted. The colors chosen were spot on. 

The patches of blue jean shirt on the Christmas pillow is exactly what I envisioned it would be! I will treasure these pieces and remember my husband every time I use them.

Plaid pillow by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

Too Cool took my adult son’s various band and comic T-shirts and turned it into an heirloom quilt he proudly displays in his music room.

When I discovered a forgotten band T-shirt, Too Cool turned it into a huge pillow of which the backing and trim match the quilt.

The music room looks authentically rocking with these on display. Better yet, his daughters love cuddling under it while listening to him play. A very worthy investment.

T-shirt quilt pillow by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

I just want to thank you and your team for doing such an awesome job on my memorial quilts and pillow. They capture Gary’s personality and the loving memories I hold dear to my heart. The different patches are a journey in time and make me smile as I fondly remember our many  adventures together.

I can’t wait to show my family and friends and together, with the help your creativity, we  can remember Gary and his love of life.

salty dog Pillow Front by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

I had Too Cool make these pillows from my best friends clothing after she died.  I had them made for her two sons. This was the first Christmas without her. The boys appreciated having a little of their mother with them.

Pillows for Christmas by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts