How to order

We are still accepting T-shirts for graduation quilts. Please call your quilter for availability.
If your quilter is unable to make your quilt, she will direct you to one of our other locations that can.

Why a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt?

Because your T-shirts tell your story.
And your quilt should be as unique and interesting as you and your T-shirts.

What will make your quilt just Too Cool?

  • None of the designs on your T-shirts will be cropped off in order to fit into a preset block size. The blocks will be cut to fit the designs on your T-shirts. 

  • There is not a limit on what you can put in your quilt. You can use any number of T-shirts as well as many other types of materials and clothing. 

  • Because your quilt will not be built with rows or columns, it will be interesting and dynamic. 

  • Your quilt is soft and cuddly because iron-on interfacing is not used. 

  • The back of your quilt will be much more interesting than any other typical T-shirt quilt. This is because each block in your quilt is machine quilted in a unique design by our talented artists. The back will be so cool! 

  • The box of T-shirts you send are not just another box of T-shirts to us. Your box of T-shirts is your story and telling your story is the focus of what we do. 

  • With Too Cool T-shirt Quilts you can relax because you know you will be getting the best T-shirt quilt possible.


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 Happening Now 

It's not just T-shirts!

You can mix and match any machine washable fabrics – including sweatshirts, jerseys and micro-tech T-shirts. Read more about what can be used in a quilt here. Photographs can be used in a T-shirt quilt! Read more about how here. 

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