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Although our world is a bit weird right now, we are still making T-shirt quilts. 

Covid-19 Info

Christmas Quilts - Our guarantee deadline was September 1, 2020. 

Our turn around time has crept out to about 12 weeks. 

Please call us before you ship your T-shirts. 

** If we get sick, all bets are off!**

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How to Have a T-shirt Quilt Made

What's great about a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt?

• You can mix and match T-shirts, sweatshirts and any other type of material.

• Your graphics can be any size and won't be cropped off.

• Your quilt will look dynamic and engaging.

• You have no limits on the number of T-shirts you can use.

• You will love wrapping up in your soft quilt.

• Your quilt will be a work of art.

Find Out What's Different About a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt!

Here's what some of our customers say about their Too Cool T-shirt quilt

Transforming your T-shirts into your dream quilt begins here!

Here are the first steps to transform your T-shirt into a quilt.

Step 1

Choose Your T­-shirts

Choosing what T-shirt to include is very important. Think about things like color, topic, chronology, and level of importance. Think about this carefully because some T-shirts might not belong in your quilt. Once a T-shirt is in your quilt, it’s not coming out!

Read more about what can you use in a T-shirt quilt here.

Read more about choosing your T-shirts here.

Step 2

Mark Your T-shirts with Any Instructions

Please don’t skip this step because we can’t read your mind. Our instructions may also be different than other quilters. Please take the time to watch our video about marking your T-shirts so your instructions and wishes are clear.

Note: we will use all the graphics on your T-shirts unless they are X’d out.

Read more on how to prep your T-Shirt

Step 3

Complete the order form

You order does more than just tell us who you are. It lets you communicate to us about size, color, border and other options you would like. It is also a great place if you want to write us notes about other concerns or wishes.

Complete your order form

For complete step-by-step instructions to an epic T-shirt quilt, click here.

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