Quilts Made With Your T-shirts

Your T-shirts tell your story.
Your quilt should be just as distinctive and interesting.
Telling your story is the focus of what we do.

How to Have a Quilt Made

There are new rules for making T-shirt quilts...
This means your quilt will be Too Cool!

• Your quilt will be made with multiple block sizes.

Your quilt will not be built in rows and columns.

Your quilt can use any number of T-shirts.

Your quilt will be soft and cuddly.

Your quilt will be quilted by our talented artists.

Find out why these are so important here.


"After 20 years at the Smithsonian my husband and I had plenty of wonderful t-shirts stored away. I wanted to have a quilt made, so my husband helped me pack up all his T-shirts. Not long after he was killed in a car accident. I returned to my home after his death to find a wonderful quilt. Now I'm able to sleep beneath his T-shirts every night."

Barbara Watanabe

Our memory quilt is of our daughter's cancer journey. Heather was 21 when she was diagnosed with an ultra-rare form of cancer and died weeks before she would have turned 26. 

Her quilt reminds us of her strength and humor as well as being an ongoing symbol at all our American Cancer Society Relay for Life events of her legacy. 

Heather's parents, Hellen and Phil

"Trent was extremely excited about it and so many others have commented on the detail! The back of the quilt is incredible. I have not known other quilters to do this much to personalize a quilt. Trent loved it!!! Thank you!"

Erin Doelling

"These are photos of my three quilts made by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. I love my three quilts made by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. Not only do the quilts capture wonderful memories for me, they also are comfortable to wrap around me while sitting in my home. I'm very pleased."

Cecil Cheves

We got the quilt and I LOVE it. It brought tears to me eyes when I unfolded it. You guys did a wonderful job. Thank you so much. 


I received my quilt today. I am sorry to feel the need to say this, but the ransom photo did not do it justice. The quilt is gorgeous! I can't believe how nicely it turned out. So well made too. Just absolutely beautiful!  Thank you so much


My son has been a football player and lacrosse player since he was 8. This was a special graduation gift for him.

We were a bit nervous sending off his treasured sweatshirts ... this quilt went above our expectations and is an heirloom! 

We displayed it at his graduation party and our guests were so impressed!  Thanks for a job well done!

Debbie Keogh Moeckel

We ordered this quilt for our son’s 30th birthday. When unwrapped it and everything *stopped*!  A rush of memories, stories and laughter were shared as he looked at each piece. Simply put, he was blown away!

The process was easy and the end result ~ priceless! Thanks, again, to you and your team for creating such an awesome treasure!

Peg Ackerman

Transforming your T-shirts into your dream quilt starts here!

Here are the first steps to transform your T-shirt into a quilt.

Step 1

Choose Your T­-shirts

Choosing what T-shirt to include is very important. Think about things like color, topic, chronology, and level of importance. Think about this carefully because some T-shirts might not belong in your quilt. Once a T-shirt is in your quilt, it’s not coming out!

Read more about choosing your T-shirts here.

Step 2

Mark Your T-shirts with Any Instructions

Please don’t skip this step because we can’t read your mind. Our instructions may also be different than other quilters. Please take the time to watch our video about marking your T-shirts so your instructions and wishes are clear.

Note: we will use all the graphics on your T-shirts unless they are X’d out.

Read more on how to prep your T-Shirt

Step 3

Complete the order form

You order does more than just tell us who you are. It lets you communicate to us about size, color, border and other options you would like. It is also a great place if you want to write us notes about other concerns or wishes.

Complete your order form

For complete step-by-step instructions to an epic T-shirt quilt, click here.

Do you want to know more about T-shirt quilts?

Read blog articles from innovator, Andrea Funk; the world’s leading expert on T-shirt quilts.
Or check out our Resource page. 

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Your T-shirts Are Our Passion

The box of T-shirts you send to us is not just another box of T-shirts.
Your box of T-shirts is your story and telling your story is what we do.

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