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Quilts Made with Your T-shirts

High-Quality Innovative Quilts to Last a Lifetime

Your T-shirts and clothes are so important. 

Don't settle for  a ho-hum T-shirt quilt when you can get a quilt that's Too Cool!

Disney princess T-shirt Quilt by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts
Expect an Awesome Quilt From Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

What Does Our Innovative Approach to
T-shirt Quilts Mean For You?

Expect an Awesome Quilt From Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

What Does Our Innovative Approach to
T-shirt Quilts Mean For You?

Overflowing drawers?

Do You Have Too Many T-shirts You Can't Stand to Part With?

This is a real problem! But don't worry, we are here to help!

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Unsure Where to Begin?

Check out our buying guide to learn more. 

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Don't Know Who to Trust?

Read some of our testimonials. 

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Uncertain of What You Want?

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What's Great About a
Too Cool T-shirt Quilt?

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The graphics on your T-shirts can be any size and won't be cropped off.

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Your quilt will look dynamic and engaging.

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You have no limits on the number of T-shirts you can use.

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You will love wrapping up in your soft quilt.

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Your quilt will be a work of art.

Girl with graduation quilt by by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

You Provide the T-shirts. We Make the Quilt.

Here's How to Get Started!

Download Your Free Guide

T-shirt Quilt Buyer's Guide

Would you like more information about T-shirt Quilts? We have created a T-shirt quilt buying guide that should answer your questions about having a T-shirt quilt made. From T-shirt quilt styles to materials, this guide is the perfect place to start. 


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What our customers are saying

I absolutely love my Too Cool T-shirt quilt!! My parents made me my quilt as a graduation gift so now when I come home from college, my quilt is waiting for me up on my bed! 

Too Cool T-shirt Quilts are for everyone. I was a swimmer and lifeguard growing up and the quilters were able to incorporate my old team suits which I marvel at when I look at my quilt. 

Also, fun fact, the quilt gets softer the more you wash it, so the quilt only gets more snuggly the more you use it.

Girl standing in front of quilt with fancy border

When our dad died in 2018, one of the harder tasks was going through his clothes.  He loved funny T-shirts so we had Too Cool T-shirt Quilts make a quilt for our mom. 

She loves being cuddled up in dads best T-shirts.  It is as warm as it is comforting. Thanks to Andrea and the team for the great service and wonderful quality!

Moms Tshirt quilt with 2 border

When we first started having kids people told us the days would be long but the years would fly by, and this has been so true!

We have given each of our kids a baby clothes quilt from Too Cool T-Shirt Quilts. The kids love hearing stories about themselves when they were younger and we love reminiscing together.

We cherish the opportunity to reflect on those long days and hold tight to those memories as the years fly by. Truly these quilts are as much a gift to us parents as they are to the kids.

super cut boy on baby clothes quilt

I love my three quilts made by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts.

Not only do the quilts capture wonderful memories for me, they also are comfortable to wrap around me while sitting in my home. Im very pleased.

Runner's T-shirt quilt by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts
The Utmost Care for Your T-shirts

When Your T-shirts Are Here, We Care for Them as if They Were Our Own T-shirts.

Simple systems developed from over 30 years of experience help us take care of your T-shirts. From the moment they come through our door until your quilt is back to you, we care for your T-shirts as if they were our own. 

Gang with 8 MSU quilts