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How to make a too cool style T-shirt quilt

Directions to Help You Succeed

Are you considering making your own T-shirt quilt?  With the right directions, skills, time, experience, and tools, you can successfully make your own quilt.  

how to make a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

Why Make Your Own Too Cool Style T-shirt Quilt?

The Book

How to Make a Too Cool Style T-shirt Quilt

With these complete directions, you can make your own Too Cool Style T-shirt quilt. Andrea Funk will guide you through each step of making a T-shirt quilt.

135 Pages, Spiral Bound, Full Color   

01 - Physical Book - $25.00 + $5.00 Shipping. TOTAL $30

Note: To keep shipping down, we ship from Michigan via USPS Media Mail.  It generally takes +/- a week. Please note, you will get a receipt from PayPal, but not from us. We ship all books the next business day. 


Book How to Make a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt
Basic Video Series

How To Make a Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

A series of 14 videos showing step-by-step on how to make a T-shirt quilt.Total play time: 3:33:20

03 - Basic Video Series    $40.00


Basic Video Play thumb nail for T-shirt Quilt

Cutting Templates for T-shirt Quilts

The book and video each provide complete directions for making your own cutting templates. But if you do not feel comfortable making your own templates, you can purchase them from Too Cool T-shirt Quilts.

This set of 10 templates are cut for precision. With this set of templates you can cut any size block that you need from any T-shirt. Stand NOT included.

*Please note: To reduce your cost, the templates come without any markings.

04 - Templates: $110 + Shipping: $20.00   TOTAL $130.00


Cutting Templates for a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

Templates Stand

Juggling 10 different templates can be tricky. This template stand makes it easy to grab the right template without sorting through all of them.

The stands holds all 10 templates and is easy to use. If you are planning to make more than a few T-shirts quilts, this is a must.

We use these stands everyday and can't imagine life without them. 

The stands are 14" wide, 8.5" deep, and 1.75" tall, weight 5 lbs. The stands are made from solid ash wood.  Hand crafted right here in Michigan. 

05 - Template Stand: $65 + Shipping $25 Total $90



Advanced Specialty Video

Knowing how to make a standard Too Cool style T-shirt quilt is the prerequisite for all the videos below. Without this knowledge, you might not understand parts of these videos.


How to Make a Stained-glass T-shirt Quilts

This video will show you how to make a Too Cool style stained-glass T-shirt quilt. There are some prerequisites that will make this project easier and that are required.

  • The directions assume you know how to make and have made a Too Cool style T-shirt quilt. If you have not made a Too Cool style T-shirt quilt, you will not have all the information you need to successfully make this style of T-shirt quilt. 

  • You must be able sew very accurately. I have to slow down so much when I am making these quilts. Your seam allowances cannot wander. You may need to practice. 

The video is viewable on a computer. 

Total play time: 1:42:14

29 - How to Make a Stained-Glass Video Series    $85.00



Nice stained glass T-shirt Quilt by Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

How to Run a T-shirt Quilt Business

If you love making T-shirt quilts and are considering starting a business or are in the beginning stages of building your business, this video is for you.

Andrea Funk has operated her T-shirt quilt business since 1992. In this video she shares her experience so your learning curve is much flatter.

13 - How to Run a T-shirt Quilt Business $30.00
Length: 25:37


running a T-shirt quilt business

Directions to Make a Rotary Cutting Table

No matter what type of project you are working on, you will find these rotating cutting tables just "Too Cool". The entire top of the table turns!

The cutting tables are designed to sit on top of your current work space. When you need to cut on the other side of the table, just turn the whole table top with one easy motion.

Sound fun? We have the directions in PDF format to make these cutting tables. 

27 - Rotating Cutting Table Plans  $5.00


Cover of rotary cutting table directions

Additional Services

If there are parts of the T-shirt quilt project you are unable to do, we can help!

How to make a T-shirt quilt

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a T-shirt quilt without iron-on backing?

What are the template sizes?

Can a beginner make this?

Does the book come in a PDF verision?

Do you sell templates for the stained-glass quilts?

What our customers are saying

ā€œI had to make a fabulous T-shirt quilt, for my friend who had lost everything in a fire.

Your stained-glass style pattern with hot pink leading was perfect!

Thank you for the great video tutorial. This quilt is about 90ā€ square, so it was a labor of love, for sure!ā€


LeBeau Made this

ā€œI worked my way through the quilt assembly without issue. Thought Iā€™d share the final result with this photo. šŸ˜€ā€

Shari made this

ā€œMy daughter, Ellen, and I made a Too Cool T-shirt quilt using her high school T-shirts.

We found Too Cool T-shirt Quilts online, bought the book, had the templates made and we were on our way! 

We made the quilt top and mailed it off to be quilted.  Everyone we dealt with was friendly and helpful and in no time, we had the quilt.ā€

Sara made this T-shirt quilt