Learn How to Make a Too Cool Style T-shirt Quilt 

Below are the different products available that will help you learn how to make a Too Cool style T-shirt quilt. Our advanced videos series covers making pillows, adding borders, long-arm quilting T-shirt quilts and other related topics.

Products are sold separately or in bundles. If you are interest in more than one product, please review the bundles for cost savings. 

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How to Make a Too Cool Style T-shirt Quilt

With these complete directions, you can make your own Too Cool style T-shirt quilt. Andrea Funk will guide you through each step of making a T-shirt quilt. 

Basic video.jpg

03 - Basic Video Series    $43.00

A series of 14 video showing step-by-step how to make a T-shirt quilt. 
Total play time: 3:33:20

BookCover.jpg01 - Physical Book    $19.00. Shipping is $3.00. TOTAL $22.00

02 - PDF E-book    $15.00
This is the same as the physical book. 
Note, this ebook is ment to be read on a computer and not printed out. If you want a book to print out you should purchase the hard copy. 

Cutting Templates for T-shirt Quilts

Too Cool T-shirt Quilts - Cutting templatesThe book and video each provide complete directions for making your own cutting templates. But if you do not feel comfortable making your own templates, you can purchase them from Too Cool T-shirt Quilts®.

This set of 10 templates are cut for precision. With this set of templates you can cut any size block that you need from any T-shirt.

*Please note: To reduce your cost, the templates come without any markings.

04 - Templates: $100 Shipping: $20.00 TOTAL $120.00

Template Stands

Stands for holding templates for making T-shirt QuiltsWhen you are working with 10 templates, it can be a challenge to pick up the right one from among the stack of templates. A template stand can help! This stand will hold all 10 of our templates. If you are making multiple quilts, this is a big time saver.  You can also use our template stand to hold commercial templates.

The stands are between 12" and 14" long, about 8" wide and about 2" tall. They have 7 slots and will hold all 10 Too Cool Cutting Templates. The stands are made from ash.

05 - Template Stand: $45.00 Shipping: $20.00 TOTAL $65.00

Advanced Specialty Videos

Knowing how to make a standard Too Cool style T-shirt quilt is the prerequisite for all the videos below. Without this knowledge, parts of these videos may not be understood.

How to Long-arm quilt a T-shirt quilt06 - Long-arm Quilting      $28.00
This video shows the tricks to putting a T-shirt quilt onto a long-arm quilting machine and how to do the actual quilting so your quilt remain smooth and does not stretch out of shape.
Length: 31:51

Adding Borders to a T-shirt quilt07 - Borders   $20.00
How to design, cut, layout and sew a border for a T-shirt quilt.
Length 11:07

 How to make a T-shirt pillow08 - T-shirt Pillows          $25.00
How to make a 24" x 24" pillow with the Too Cool method. The methodology can be applied to any size pillow.
Length 12:34

How to make a memorial quilt09 - Memorial Quilts       $12.00
How to modify the Too Cool style to be used to make memorial and clothing quilts.
Length 11:37

How to make a tie quilt10 - Sew-down Quilts     $10.00
How to adopt the Too Cool style in making necktie, hankie, bib and other types of sew-down quilts
Length: 6:51 

How to make a baby clothes quilt11 - Baby Clothes Quilts  $15.00
How to use the Too Cool style to make complex baby clothes quilts.
Length: 16:42

How to make a double sided T-shirt quilt12 - Double-sided T-shirt Quilts      $28.00
How to make a double sided T-shirt quilt. Skill level - advanced. Physicality - advanced. 
Length: 8:55 

How to Run a T-shirt Quilt Business      

How to run a T-shirt quilt businesIf you love making T-shirt quilts are considering starting a business or are in the beginning stages of building your business, this video is for you. Andrea Funk has operated her T-shirt quilt business since 1992. In this video she shares her experience so your learning curve is much flatter. 

This video is not part of any bundle.

13 - How to Run a T-shirt Quilt Business $40.00
Length: 25:37

Rotary Cutting Tables for Quilt Making - Directions

table_cover-1No matter what type of project you are working on, you will find these rotating cutting tables just "Too Cool". The entire top of the table turns!

The cutting tables are designed to sit on top of your current work space. When you need to cut on the other side of the table, just turn the whole table top with one easy motion.

Sound fun? We have the directions in PDF format to make these cutting tables. 

27 - Rotating Cutting Table Plans  $4.00

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