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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about T-shirt quilts?

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

Dog and woman eating pop corn under a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

Frequently Asked Questions

Can sweatshirts be used?

How long will it take to make my quilt?

Are T-shirts the only thing that can go into a T-shirt quilt?

My T-shirts are in bad shape. Can you still use them?

Can a T-shirt be removed after it is in the quilt?

Oops-My T-shirts have already been cut... Can you use those in my quilt?

Can photographs be used in a T-shirt quilt?

Can you embroider a message onto a block?

Can you make a double-sided T-shirt quilt?

What color fabrics do you have to choose from?

Can you use Minky backing material on a T-shirt quilt?

Can the backing material be changed after the quilt is finished?

What parts of the T-shirts can I use?

What parts of the T-shirts don't we use?

Do you accept credit cards?

How do you handle stained T-shirts?

How can I hang my quilt?

Do you offer gift certificates?

What our customers are saying

When you are a 3-time cancer survivor at 10 years old, love the Packers and dream of becoming a Badger at UW Madison- this is your quilt. Made for Owen.

Mom walks by it everyday and smiles because her son is a healthy Sophomore at Madison.

cancer survivor's Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

I wanted to show you….my daughter loves the quilt!!  Thanks again!!

Dickinson College Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

We ordered this quilt for our son’s 30th birthday. When unwrapped it and everything *stopped*! A rush of memories, stories and laughter were shared as he looked at each piece. Simply put, he was blown away!

The process was easy and the end result, priceless! Thanks, again, to you and your team for creating such an awesome treasure!

Too Cool T-shirt Quilt