Quilts Made With Your T-shirts

& Memorial Quilts Made From Clothing

T-shirt Quilt Border Styles

We have a number of different styles of borders that you can choose to add to your quilt. The styles are decribed below. Please note that the border and the binding are two seperate items. Every quilt has a binding that goes around the entire quilt. The border is part of the quilt top.

For more about borders:

2" Solid Border 

2 inch border

6", 8" or 12" Solid Border 

8" Border

4" Pieced + 2" Solid Inside Border 

4" pieced 2" inner


4" Solid + 2" Solid Inside Border


4" Solid Border

4 inch border

4" Pieced Border

Pieced border on a tshrit quilt

4" Pieced + 2" Solid Inner & Outer Borders 

st phil border