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Add a Bit of Pizzazz to Your T-shirt Quilt

T-shirt Quilts with Borders

It's our awesome puzzle style T-shirt quilt with an extra pop around the quilt!

Pricing Effective Until 7/1/24



High School T-shirt quilt with a rainbow border

T-shirt Quilt Border Styles

T-shirt Quilts with Borders


2" Solid

4" Solid

4" Solid + 2" Solid

4" Pieced

4" Pieced + 2" Solid

2" Solid + 4" Pieced + 2" Solid

Lap - 48" x 48"







Large Lap - 52" x 64"







Multi Use - 60" x 72"







Twin - 60" x 84"







Full - 84"x 92"







Queen - 92" x 100"







King 100" x 112"








What Are Your Expectations?

A well-made T-shirt quilt is expensive. If someone tells you they can make one for a lot less, be wary. They probably aren't making the same type and style of T-shirt quilt we are. 

Here are 4 factors to compare.


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Blanket or Quilt?

A blanket costs a fraction the price of a quilt —  because they aren't the same thing! We only make quilts.

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Cropped Off Graphics?

Many quilt makers will crop off logos to fit a single standard block size. It saves them money and will break your heart.

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Rows & Columns?

Uninteresting and cheap to make.  This is very different to our puzzle style.

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Cheap Fabrics?

Itchy and won't stand the test of time.  We use the highest quality materials.

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Larger with fillers and triple border T-shirt quilt  by Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to make my quilt?

How many T-shirts are needed for a T-shirt quilt?

Does my quilt need a border?

Will a border make my quilt larger?

What if I want a border without making my quilt larger?

Are there border options not listed here?

What's included in the price of a T-shirt quilt with a border?

Can sweatshirts be used?

What color fabrics do you have to choose from for the back of my quilt?

Transform your T-shirts into your dream quilt!

Here Are the First Steps:

What our customers are saying

I absolutely love these quilts and I am so grateful for your artistry and skill.  What a beautiful way to capture so many wonderful memories for my (mostly) grown up oldest kids.  

My youngest kid already has a pile of T-shirts accumulating so she can get a quilt someday too!


Border on a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

I ordered a T-shirt quilt for my daughter as a graduation gift.  She loves it and took it to college.  She hung it up on the wall that faces her bed in her dorm room.  

The quilt is beautiful and so well made.  I love the back almost as much as the front because of the designs from the T-shirts stitched into the back.

Too Cool is very easy to work with. The quilt arrived in the time promised. I highly recommend.

Too Cool T-shirt Quilt Hanging in the dorm room

The quilts are beautiful. The layouts is balanced both by color and subject. Perfect.

I especially love the mathematical multiples you use for a mosaic layout. Not the boring old squares other T-shirt quilters use.

woman and dog with T-shirt quilt with a double border

I am in love with my quilt! It is perfect!

Bandana border on a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt