T-shirt Quilt Border Styles

We have a number of different styles of borders that you can choose to add to your quilt. The styles are decribed with photographs below. 

We are frequently asked if a border will increase the size of a quilt. And the answer is yes and no. 

Yes, it will increase the size of your quilt if you add a border to a set number of T-shirts. For example, if your T-shirts will make a quilt that is 52 x 64 without a border, if we add a border, it will make the quilt larger. 

No, it will not increase the size of a quilt if you plan on making a quilt which size includes a border. So if you want a quilt that is 52 x 64 with a border, then adding the border will not make the quilt larger. But that border will make the inside of your quilt smaller. So if you add a 2" border to a quilt that is 52 x 64, the quilt will remain 52 x 64. But the inside T-shirt part will be smaller. In this case, the T-shirts can only be 48 x 60. The larger the border, the smaller the inside of the quilt. 


Border pricing 2017.png

*Prices effective until 12/31/2017  

  • Remember if you are planning on adding a border, you will need fewer T-shirts. The larger the border, the fewer the number of T-shirts you will need. 
  • Please note that the border and the binding are two seperate items. Every quilt has a binding that goes around the entire quilt. The border is part of the quilt top.

Border Styles

2" Solid Border 

2 inch border

6", 8" or 12" Solid Border 

8" Border

4" Pieced + 2" Solid Inside Border 

4" pieced 2" inner


4" Solid + 2" Solid Inside Border


4" Solid Border

4 inch border

4" Pieced Border

Pieced border on a tshrit quilt

4" Pieced + 2" Solid Inner & Outer Borders 

st phil border


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