Backing & Binding Explained

Backing and binding example
In the above example, the backing is navy and the binding is orange.

Backing Material

The backing is the material on the back of the quilt. Generally a solid color material is used on the back of a quilt so the quilting can be seen.

Backing colors - we have over 200 colors to choose from. If you want something beyond a standard generally accepted colors, please send a swatch. For example navy, hunter green, red, orange, etc. are colors that are, what they are. But a color like teal or sage - there is more interpretation to these colors. So if you would send a swatch of color that would be helpful. You can get a swatch from a paint chip, from one of your T-shirts, a color crayon scribble on a piece of white paper or out of a magazine (circle the color).


BindingThe binding is the material that goes around the outside of the quilt. It finishes off the quilt so the raw edges of the quilt top, the batting and the backing are all hidden.

The binding can be the same color as the backing or it can be a contrasting color. For example, if the quilt is for a high school graduate, you can use the darker of the two school colors as the backing and the other school color as the binding. We also have print and batik batting - so your quilt can be a unique as you.