Too Cool T-shirt Quilt's® Photographs of T-shirt Quilts

There are 5 major differences that set a Too Cool T-shirt quilt apart from a traditional T-shirt quilt. Here’s how these will effect your quilt:

  1. Your quilt will be made with multiple block sizes.
  2. Your quilt will not be built in rows and columns.
  3. Your quilt can use any number of T-shirts or other machine washable fabrics.
  4. Your quilt will be soft and cuddly because we don’t stiffen your T-shirts just to make them easy to work with.
  5. Your quilt will be quilted by our talented artists.

All the photos here have all these attributes. Can you see them? You can read more about these 5 attributes here.

Below are photographs of just some of the 1000's of quilts that Too Cool T-shirt Quilts® has made since 1992.


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