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Too Cool T-shirt Quilts


26 Shades Crest Rd
Hoover AL 35226
(404) 509-2608 - Marla

Marla from Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

Too Cool T-shirt Quilts – Peachtree

Marla learned how to sew when she was 8, received her first sewing machine at 12, and hasn’t stopped sewing since. Her passion for sewing has remained strong throughout the years. Sitting and creating at a sewing machine is her happy place. A friend suggested that Marla should try quilting, so she went to the library and got started.

Her eldest daughter asked if Marla could make her a t-shirt quilt for graduation. When her daughter's friends saw the quilt, many wanted one as well! The first T-shirt quilts Marla made were in the block style. However she knew that there had to be a more creative and inspiring way to use the shirts.

While searching the internet, Marla found Too Cool T-shirt Quilts and felt that she had found that ‘something more’, she was seeking. Now Marla is able to expand on her lifetime of experience sewing, entrepreneurial spirit, and the Too Cool method to provide customers with quality Too Cool T-shirt quilts!

Marla from Too Cool T-shirt Quilts
Too Cool T-shirt Quilts - Peachtree



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Will each location make the same quilt?

What our customers are saying

She absolutely LOVES her quilt! She just stood there and pointed to shirt after shirt and told a story that goes with it. 

I displayed the quilt on the last work day of the school year so the entire staff could view the front and the back. It was like looking at a scrapbook full of memories.

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