Design Help for Those Using the Too Cool T-shirt Quilts® Method

Do you need help making the map for your quilt? I would be glad to lay it for you. Note - design help is for those exclusively following the directions in our book. If you are not using the book for your directions, we cannot be of help.

Cost: $30

To have Andrea Funk design your quilt, click the Add to Cart button below. Upon payment, you will be redirected to a layout counting chart form to complete. Note - if you have any blocks larger than 16 x 16, please email that count to me (they get lost on the form)


Send a check or money order and a copy of your counting chart to us.

Upon receipt of your request, I will either e-mail you a copy of your map or send it via the mail. Please let me know which you prefer. Be sure to include your mailing address or e-mail address with your request.





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