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Why a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt?

Too Cool T-shirt Quilts invented and perfected the random block-size T-shirt quilt. We alone know all the secrets to making this type of quilt!

  • The best T-shirt Quilt of 2014

    Each block is cut to fit the design on the T-shirt

  • Any number of T-shirts can be used

  • Machine quilted by talented artists

  • No rows or columns

  • The entire quilt is made from your T-shirts

  • No iron-on interfacing so your quilt is soft

  • 8 locations to serve you


It's not just T-shirts!

You can mix and match any machine washable fabrics – including sweatshirts, jerseys and micro-tech T-shirts. Read more about what can be used in a quilt here.

Photographs can be used in a T-shirt quilt! Read more about how here. 

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Your T-shirts are important!

Learn everything you can about T-shirt quilts before you have one made by downloading our free T-shirt Quilt Buyers Guide.

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Customer Feedback

Hi Andrea, I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the quality, workmanship, style and customer service I received from Too Cool T-Shirt Quilts! You guys really rock and you FAR surpassed my expectations! So amazing..........so beautiful.........so well made......awesome materials..........all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I wish that I was able to show everyone, everywhere that has a stack of T-Shirts they have collected over the years, sitting in their closets, what a beautiful quilt they could have to bring back all of their memories they have of collecting all these shirts! I don't know if I have gotten my point across or not........but you are awesome and well worth the price! Thanks for the memories! Jev
We Love Our Quilt!!!Thank you so much for greating an amazing quilt for our daughter. It is incredible! Rarely does a company and it's product surpass my expectations... and you have done that, and then some! Thanks so much for this wonderful quilt. S.B.Colorado
I absolutely LOVE IT !!!! I know G will too. You and your crew did such a wonderful job. I can't thank you enough. My mom loves it. My brother and my friend saw it too. I gave my friend a card, her son is going to be a senior. I am going to bring it to work tomorrow and show everyone. My mom laid it out on her floor and stood on the furniture and took pictures. Thanks so much! T.B. Ohio
UPS just delivered the quilt...you were right....the picture doesn't do it justice....IT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE EVERY INCH OF IT and love the backing the stitching..... its just PERFECT ....and more than worth the $$$$!!! I KNOW A. WILL LOVE IT!!!B.T. Virginia
I got M's quilts yesterday and I have to tell you that I literally danced around my kitchen when I opened them up and all he could say was " those are the most amazing quilts I've ever seen!!" We just looked at them in stunned amazement at how absolutely incredible they came out! I just could not possibly express to you how thrilled I am at the job you did on them. I thank you for the terrific job you did! I will recommend you to EVERYONE I know! Thanks a million! S. B. Arkansas
Wow,wow,wow,WOW! The quilts arrived about 10 minutes ago. I couldn't wait to see them. All of them are fabulous and I've only just begun to take in all the detail. The theater quilt is amazing. It's so cheery and bright. I love the rainbow thread for the quilting and adore the edging material (actually love the edging for all 3 quilts). The designs on the back are as interesting as the front and I can't believe you do all that freehand. Even if you are following the picture on the front side, I think it would be difficult to do. It is going to be very hard to hold on to these until Christmas. I haven't even told my youngest about these quilts because once she sees them, I'm afraid she might spill the beans! I can't wait to show my husband when he gets home tonight. H.G. Pennyslavina

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