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Sorority T-shirt Quilts

Reynolds_Mf you were in a Sorority, you may have a lot of T-shirts from that period that you don’t wear any more but you just can’t part with. A sorority T-shirt quilt is a perfect solution! One advantage of a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt® is that we can use the front pockets on your T-shirts in your quilt. You don’t have to give up the front of your T-shirt!

Too Cool T-shirt Quilts® is the leading maker of Sorority T-shirt quilts because you demand high quality and innovation in everything you purchase. And that is a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt®.

Looking for more information? We have written a guide about having a Sorority T-shirt quilt made.

This guide will help you:

  • Choose which T-shirts to put in your sorority T-shirt quilt.
  • Decide how to use T-shirts that just have your sorority letters on them.
  • Choose the color for the backing and binding of your quilt.
  • Determine if other sorority related items could be used in your quilt.

Download the Guide

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Sorority T-shirt Quilt